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Mon Laferte, we tell you the story of his stage name

Currently Mon Laferte enjoys a lot of recognition in the artistic scene, but one aspect that many people are unaware of is that this is not the real name of the Chilean singer: her name is Norma Montserrat Bustamante Laferte.

So where did you get your stage name from? This was revealed by the person responsible for the successes something is better Y your lack of wanting in interview for the podcast Creativewhich leads the writer and lecturer Robert Martinez.

Did they scold her? Mon Laferte remembers her protest at the Latin Grammys: “You ruined your career”

First, the famous told that someone else suggested the stage name: “I made an album, we went to León, Guanajuato to record it with some friends, at that time I had a boyfriend who we played together, we had a maquiladora done and I knew a manager, who according to what was going to be my manager and in the end he did not go, and I said ‘Your name is long and boring, it should be a name like a band’. And I: ‘What’s my name?’, then he said to me: ‘Mon sounds mysterious and Laferte like a band‘”.

“I listened to him, I didn’t even question it, that’s where it came from,” he added.

Choosing this name, the singer immediately got on Google, “I put ‘Mon Laferte’ and there was nothing, which was very good because I did all the social networks. (…) There was no Mon Laferte, there was nothing”.

On why he agreed to use a battle name, he commented: “I didn’t want to be called Norma because I didn’t want to be like my mom.. As a girl they called me that and when I started singing I said: ‘I don’t want to call myself Norma, I don’t like it, my name is Montserrat’, so I introduced myself as Montserrat Bustamante until this manager arrived”.

“The first years of my career as Mon Laferte, they asked me my name and I said: ‘Mont Laferte’, and they told me everything: La Fuerte, Laforte. Sometimes they ask me: ‘Is your name Mon Laferte because you’re strong?’, and no, it’s my mother’s last name”, he recalled.


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