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Mon Laferte announces its return to Argentina and ticket sales start this afternoon

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Popular Chilean singer and songwriter Mon Laffert has announced her return to Argentina, where she will arrive at the Movistar Arena on November 4. Ticket sales will start for Movistar customers from 12 noon today and normal sale will start from 12 noon on Monday 27th. movistarrena.com.ar

This news was communicated by Mon Laffert himself through his network. He promises a show that will review all of his hits from seven of his albums through a renewed stage proposition and with a very dramatic pivot.

mon lafferte

mon lafferte

As expected, the show would be split into three acts and would engage the public with regional musical roots and include solo intimate moments with guitars, while the other parts would be more punk and rock.

A special fact is that this would be the first time he would be performing the songs live in Argentina. six and his latest album 1940 Carmen, This recording project was born in the midst of a period of major changes in the artist’s life within the four walls of a rented house in Los Angeles, California. Each of the pieces that make up the album—he said—are “musical pieces of my existence”.

On the other hand, his participation in the Gracious Totals Tour was a great success, with a very good version of a million light years,

his last album

1940 Carmen This was his second song of 2021, with ten songs filled with melancholy voices, romantic songs and desire. The album was written and produced by Som. In this work, the Californian landscape and the Pacific Ocean inspire her to create honesty about her life, sex, love, hopes, and insecurities.

mon lafferte

mon lafferte

In addition, Mon surprised with three songs in English: good boy beautiful sadness You weeping diamond, The latter was chosen for a video clip showing Mon singing in a room, along with a group of musicians such as Renee, Nutt, Bratty and Cancamusa.

Mon Lafferte is the artist from Chile who has received the most nominations in a single edition of the Latin Grammys (five in 2017), as well as the first to receive more of the above awards (fifteen in six occasions). She has sold over 5 million recordings worldwide, split between 1,000,000 albums sold worldwide and over 4 million digital singles, making her the best-selling Chilean artist of that era.

The “Lafferte incident” exploded in Chile in 2017 when she participated in the fourth edition of the Chilean Rock Summit held at the National Stadium in Chile, where more than 35 thousand people watched a captivating stage play and her scintillating voice propelled her. most outstanding performance.

Later, he performed for the first time in his career at the Via del Mar International Song Festival as one of the great guest stars and a member of the jury of international and folkloric competitions.

Mon Lafferte at the 2022 Grammys.  Photo: AFP

Mon Lafferte at the 2022 Grammys. Photo: AFP

The enthusiasm of the public was so great that they demanded that the festival organization award him the Platinum Seagull, which has only been awarded twice in the festival’s history. After not awarding it (because the prize recognizes the trajectory), the public halted the normal performance of the program for more than 20 minutes, disrupting the international competition’s award ceremony, as they demanded the said award and the artist’s return to the stage. asked for

Lafferte’s first show at the festival is considered by many to be the best show of the 2010 event, compared to shows by world stars such as British Sting and Elton John, also a trend on YouTube the following day when his show was only 24. Reached 1,000,000 visits in hours.


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