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Mom of a trans girl says YosStop is not guilty of her daughter’s death

Mamá de Mika

Caeli claimed that Yoseline influenced Mika’s loss of life; the younger girl’s mom denies this assertion.

MEXICO.— A few weeks in the past, youtuber Patricia Caeli Santaolalla López, higher generally known as Caeli He assured that as a result of harassment he exercised Yoseline hoffman: YosStop, a trans lady named Mika Lascuráin, she ended up taking her personal life.

However in an interview, the younger girl’s mom denied what Caelí stated, even detailed how it’s that Mika misplaced his life.

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A sufferer of Covid, not YosStop

The tiktoker recognized as Tan Verle, in a recording acknowledged that Caeli lied about Mika’s loss of life, nicely the trans lady didn’t kill herself. It was issues with the Covid-19 which ended up killing the younger girl, who additionally suffered from anemia.

Caeli made a video accusing YosStop what ua woman dedicated suicide due to him, that due to your feedback this lady dedicated suicide […] The very fact is that this woman (Caeli) with the will to defame YosStop assured this data that it’s a rumor and it’s a gossip ”, defined the tiktoker.

Mom Of A Trans Girl Says Yosstop Is Not Guilty Of Her Daughter'S Death - Light Home News

In the identical means, he commented that he regarded for the mom of Mika Lascuráin to understand how he died And it was true that YosStop’s cyberbullying precipitated the younger girl to try on her life.

“I contacted the lady and had a conversation with her to confirm to me what Mika died of […] He claims that Mika died of anemia and that he did not commit suicide. There she mentions that if it had been for YosStop’s fault, I would have already done something about it as a complaint ””, defined Tan Verle.

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What did Caeli say?

In a video Shared on her YouTube channel, Caeli spoke concerning the authorized state of affairs going through YosStop, after being accused of the crime of kid pornography.

Within the recording too lashes out at Yoseline by confessing that she and different ladies had been victims of bullying on the a part of the influencer, and this case would have been so tough that Mika, a trans lady that YosStop spoke about within the video titled “How weird old woman”, would have taken life.

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