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Molotov responds to Christian Chávez after lashing out for the song ”P**o”

MEXICO CITY.— The controversy between Molotov and Christian Chavez continues, because after the actor attacked the band after ensuring that the song ”P**o” is an anthem for LGBT+ community, The group spoke again to point out that they do not regret having released their controversial theme in 1997.

Molotov responds to Christian Chávez after lashing out for the song ”P**o”

Randy Ebright, Molotov’s drummer, was the one who decided to answer Christian Chavez, who a few days ago shared a video in which he forcefully assured that the song ”P**o” it does not represent it as the rock group mentioned in an interview.

The ex-husband of the model and actress Muriel Hernandez he was also forceful in arguing that he and the other members of the band “have no regrets about the song”.

“We do not regret the song. You have to understand the context and the use of words in Mexico. There it has become an anthem. If you are proud to be who you are, you should not feel offended,” said Randy Ebright, Molotov drummer.

For its part, Titus Fuentes, Micky Huidobro and Paco Ayala have also defended the song which is part of the album ”Where will the girls play?”, after the former RBD attacked what they had stated in an interview.

“‘P*to’ is a topic of the LGBTQ+ community,'” the Molotov gang assured.

What did Christian Chavez say about Molotov’s “P**o” song?

Through a video shared on your Instagram account, Christian Chavez assured that the Molotov’s song is not a subject of LGBT+ community but quite the opposite, because due to that song he and several people with different sexual preferences have been violated.

“I saw an interview that was done to the group Molotov in which they ensure that the song ”P**o” is from the LGBT community. No, gentlemen, make no mistake. It is a song that in my case every time the first chords sounded, we had to run to the bathroom, we had to go to another place or we had to be violated. I personally I was violated not just physically, but verbally, multiple times.”

“You can’t say it’s a community theme because it’s a topic that hurt for a long time… that song doesn’t represent me… A little heart when you talk about those issues, “concluded the actor.

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