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Moisés, one of the most handsome men in the world, returns to Tampico; prepare a series

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Moses Penaloza he returned to his native Tampico with the band that distinguishes him as the third most handsome man in the world. A few days ago, the actor and model participated in the contest Mister Supranational 2022which was held in Poland, where 39 countries participated.

The young man, in addition to obtaining third place in the contest, won the band with the best personality and best catwalk, in a contest where, in addition to physical beauty, he deals with developing other qualities such as sports, modeling and artistic.

Moses Penaloza. (Yazmin Sanchez)

Moisés is the son of former councilor Hugo Peñaloza and his mother is Ivonne Peñaloza, who said she was very proud of Moisés and happy to have him at home, since she had not seen him for a month.

The young actor is originally from the Del Pueblo neighborhood and graduated from the Tecnológico de Ciudad Madero, where he studied electronics engineering, however he assured that once he finished his career he decided to go to Mexico City, where he was accepted to study at the Centro of Artistic Education of Televisa.

Moisés Peñaloza, a young man from Tamaulipas, wins a world beauty pageant.  (@moisesspenaloza)

One of the most handsome men in the world is from Tamaulipas

They had to lend him clothes for the pageant

He explained that the first days of competition he did not have his clothes, because in one of the connections to Poland they lost his suitcase, however his own fellow contestants lent him clothes.

“I did not expect it, but I worked very hard, what I have learned in acting, dancing and modeling I applied, I knew I was going strong.”

He assured that it was a very healthy competition, where they helped each other, because they did many activities together.

“Among men it is a very healthy coexistence, we are helping each other with exercise, we have to do a certain routine, it is an incomparable coexistence”.

Projects at the door

The man from Tampico explained that at the moment he has a series on the doorstep, however, he is sure that the contest in which he was chosen as the third most handsome man in the world will open many doors for him.

“I am waiting to confirm a series, for my career there are many opportunities.”


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