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MLB 2022: How to watch baseball without cable this season

Pour yourself a beer and grab a hot dog, sports fans. After a long off-season (prolonged even by pandemic-canceled spring training), the much-anticipated return of Major League Baseball is finally here, and we couldn’t be more excited. The 2022 MLB season officially opens on Thursday, April 7, with nine Opening Day contests, including seven divisional matchups that we can’t wait to see.

But if you’ve found yourself in the sizable percentage of sports viewers cutting their cable cords in the past year, you may be wondering where you can watch your favorite MLB team. But don’t worry, your local sports bar doesn’t necessarily have to quell the crowds. There are plenty of options for watching games on your couch without having to renew that year’s cable contract, including MLB’s latest collaboration with Apple TV+. Friday Night Baseball,

Apple TV+ will air its first MLB game on April 8 Between the Mets and the Nationals. The games will be free for all to see, although fans will eventually have to subscribe to the service to see all the games being shown throughout the season. And with the 162-game schedule already ready, you’ll want to subscribe to receive as much exclusive baseball content as possible.

Below, check out all the places you can stream the 2022 MLB season without a cable subscription and sign up before Opening Day so you don’t miss a second.

apple tv+

Apple TV+
Steam Opening Day for free, and then sign up to get access to two games every Friday, plus exclusive before and after game content.
$5 and up/month


Stream every MLB game in the 2022 season, plus get access to an extensive collection of exclusive on-demand content at your fingertips.
$7 more UP/month


For $25 per month or an annual subscription of $130, you can stream out-of-market MLB games and pre-game and post-game coverage, live or on-demand, and enjoy content from 2022 Spring Training .
$25 more UP/month

Hulu+ Live TV now comes with ESPN+ (and Disney+), so you can watch MLB seasons as well as more than 75 live TV channels and a massive library of movies and media content for a low monthly price with no annual contract can see.


DirecTV makes it easy to cut the cable cord with its entertainment package. For just $70 per month, you can enjoy over 65 channels (including MLB broadcast ones like ESPN, Fox, TBS and MLB Network).
$70 and up/month


Get over 100 channels of live and on-demand content without cable on FuboTV. The subscription service includes ESPN, Fox, and MLB Network, so you can watch your games live or on a cloud-included DVR, so you never have to miss a game.
$70 and up/month

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