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‘Mister. Meyers’ guest star Josie Parrot on her Kylie Jenner-inspired character (exclusive)

saved by the Bell Breakout star Josie Parrot is putting life on hold in Bayside as she makes a hilarious guest appearance on Mr. In the series created by Tina Fey and Robert Carlock, she plays a “tour de force, iconic Kylie Jenner-esque influencer” named Titi Bee, who meets Neil Bremer after an unexpected encounter in the final three episodes of the season. (Ted Danson) in trouble. 2.

“Titi is an amalgamation of every problem that comes from social media,” Parrot told ET of the wildly unassuming role, which has been inspired not only by the likes of Jenner and others, but “the people I find hot. I see you giving it “on Tiktok.”

When compared to her other roles, including the average teen Lexie RescuedTotah says Titi is far from being “a caricature” on screen.

While she generally tries to ground her characters with some humanity, “it’s the most absolute power ever,” she says, explaining that it works because it works for Ted Danson’s character. The opposite is polar. “That dynamic between us is just electric. It’s a lot of fun playing with him.”

Mr. Mayer

And speaking of Danson, “He’s everything you want him to be and more. Like, he’s literally just a perfect human being inside and out,” Parrot said.

Tota not only got to star opposite the TV legend, but Rescued The star also had to work with Fey, who personally wrote to her to ask if she would appear on Mr. Mayer,

In fact, Parrot was out and about when he got an email from his agent with an attachment from Fay “basically telling me about this character and the character arc and the idea of ​​the show and he enjoyed saved by the Bell And really liked my character in it. ,

After reading this, “I almost threw up,” Parrot says of being so excited that Fay reached out about a role on the series.

While she (and fans) eagerly await the news saved by the Bell Season 3 (“I Hope We [get renewed]But I ain’t heard nothing”), the only thing in the way of parrot arc on Mr. Mayer was college. Not only this, the final was also getting closer.

Mr. Mayer

“I was like, ‘We just need to figure out a way to do this,'” she recalls, explaining that she doubled down on classes this semester after taking time off to film the Peacock series. “I could really only do that if we were able to shoot around that.”

And in the end, “I didn’t miss a single class and we were able to shoot me while I was going through the finals, which was amazing,” she proudly reveals that she “passed everything.”

“It was the hardest semester of my entire college experience, but with a bow on top of it it made a whole lot of sense because Mr. Mayor,Parrot concluded.

Mr. Mayer Airs Tuesdays at 8:30 p.m. ET/PT.

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