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Mirtha Legrand announced that she will host her show again before the end of the year

Mirtha Legrand announced that she will host her show again before the end of the year

Mirtha Legrand, who has already received the third dose of the coronavirus vaccine, confirmed without question this Thursday that will return to Argentine television to host his historic program and say goodbye to 2021.

The diva made the announcement during the presentation of the film La Casa Gucci, at an event that was held in Escobar, province of Buenos Aires.

“In December, I will do one or two programs to say goodbye to the year, “said the host in dialogue with Guillermo Andino, the host of the gala.

However, he has not yet decided if he will do it on his Sunday show, Having lunch with Mirtha Legrand, or at night, Mirtha’s night. Since the pandemic began, in both he was replaced by his granddaughter Juana Viale. “What do you guys prefer?” He asked the audience.

After Andino tried to get more details regarding the expected return, the diva avoided the questions: “We will see, we will see … Let’s enjoy tonight, we are all, we are well, we are healthy and we are happy.”

This is not the actress’s first comeback since she was forced to remain in full seclusion, due to her age and the dangers of being an at-risk patient in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Last December 20, 2020 he returned to his program just for that day, after nine months of absence. On that occasion, she was as a guest of her granddaughter. His daughter, Marcela Tinayre, and Viale’s eldest daughter, Ámbar de Benedictis, also attended. That is to say, four women of four different generations at the same table.

That day, very excited, she dedicated the program to Goldie, her twin sister, who had passed away on May 1. It should be remembered that a year earlier, on August 17, 2019, his other brother, the filmmaker José Martínez Suárez, had died.

Eight months later, on August 28, 2021, He was once again at the forefront of his historic program, who had last driven in March 2020.

Mirtha Legrand Returned To Host Her Show On August 28, 2021

Mirtha Legrand returned to host her show on August 28, 2021

“How strange I feel, but happy, happy and content. Do you know how many days I was locked up? 300 days, yes sir, without leaving my house, or on the balcony. That alters you, it does not do you good, it does not do the brain good, “he said on his return to the screen.

Then, the renowned 94-year-old driver added: “I am great, gentlemen, I am a very old lady, but I am vital, I like life, I like my friends, enjoy life. And it was so bad that I called a neurologist. And I say: doctor, I want to go back to being the one I used to be. Do you know what he told me? ‘Work, work, work …’. It is the best therapy ”.

Although her definitive return seemed to be close, the outlook changed completely after she was admitted to the Mater Dei Sanatorium in the City of Buenos Aires due to the discomfort she began to suffer on the night of Wednesday, September 29.

After several studies, they detected a coronary problem and she had to undergo an intervention, in which two stents were placed. After 12 days, he was discharged.

Already recovered, full and eternal, Mirtha decided to continue feeding her legend, precisely at the same table where she feeds her guests.


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