Home Entertainment Mirror game between the judges of Masterchef Celebrity 3 and La Academia

Mirror game between the judges of Masterchef Celebrity 3 and La Academia

Mirror game between the judges of Masterchef Celebrity 3 and La Academia

With the emergence of reality shows in the television world, a new category related to them emerged: juries. Famous figures or specialists willing to rate participants and, incidentally, to unfold their own show.

In each cycle with a jury in its structure there are well marked roles: the bad / a; the good one; the spicy, the complacent or accomplice, often played based on the jurors’ own personality but also, exaggerating to add to the show. After all, that’s what it’s all about.

In the two reality shows that are currently on the air, MasterChef Celebrity 3, led by Santiago del Moro by Telefe and, The academy, led by Marcelo Tinelli, by El Trece, each one is planted in their role to make the most of what the public expects of them.

The star is the judge

Although MasterChef CelebritAnd it bears that name because it summons popular figures to the cooking competition. In the last three editions, the sworn chefs have acquired the category of stars. If before they were already famous, with the fury of the program, installed on the screen during the pandemic, now Donato de Santis, Damián Betular and Germán Martitegui, are at the top of the stellar podium.

The Masterchef Jury Is More Demanding Every Day.  Youtube Photo.

The Masterchef jury is becoming more demanding every day. Youtube photo.

When the participants are asked which of the three is most to fear due to the demands, the name of Martitegui. Clearly, he plays “the bad guy” of that film, with his gaze fixed on the participant as he tastes the plate he presents.

His serious and “cool” profile, prior to his arrival on the program, contributed to fostering that character who, apparently, off camera, goes down three changes. In fact, in one of the latest broadcasts, the appearance of the chef with his two young children in the studio, generated an aura of tenderness that almost broke his tough image.

De Santis, on the other hand, is the fun, the one who makes him cool with his Italian blood and worldly style. Except on some occasions, where it shows that it can give an unpleasant return, in general, it tries to rescue the best of each dish prepared by the participants.

The Masterchef Celebrity Jury, Donato De Santis, Damián Betular And Germán Martitegui, Stars Of The Reality Show.

The MasterChef Celebrity jury, Donato de Santis, Damián Betular and Germán Martitegui, stars of the reality show.

And in the trio, without a doubt, Betular is the one that generates more empathy with famous people and of course with the public, like the great accomplice of reality. The pastry chef was showing, little by little, his funniest side until he became the favorite of the viewers. His occurrences and his gestures led to dozens of memes that circulate on social networks, beyond the cycle.

And now they reached five

On the screen of El Trece, there are five on the examining table. To the four usual jurors I had ShowMatchThis year, Tinelli and the production of La Flia, added Guillermina Valdés, the conductor’s wife, as the fifth member.

The Showmatch Academy Jury Now Has 5 Members: Piquín, Barón, Valdés, Ardohain And De Brito.  Photo Laflia / Jorge Luengo.

The ShowMatch Academy jury now has 5 members: Piquín, Barón, Valdés, Ardohain and De Brito. Photo LaFlia / Jorge Luengo.

The actress, perhaps, being the last to arrive on the stage, is usually the most accommodating and contemplative with the participants. In Guillermina’s returns, the emotional prevails over the technical.

This year, perhaps because of her recent motherhood, one of the program’s historic ones, Carolina Ardohain, also leaned for emotion, more than other years. Like Betular, in MasterChef Celebrity, but for other reasons, undoubtedly, Pampita is the most stellar of the jury of the jury of The academy.

The model does not hesitate to be demanding and meticulous with her returns, if she considers it so. Firm in her convictions, without abandoning the smile that characterizes her, there is no one who will make her change her mind.

For his part, another historical member of the Tinelli program jury is Ángel de Brito. The journalist, clearly, plays a role similar to that of Martitegui: he is the villain of the group. Far from being moved by others they cause tears, the driver usually lowers the smoke without half measures, who feel like stars on the track, comfortable in the role of the “villain”

The Jury Of La Academia, In The Debut Of The Program, Before Guillermina Valdés Joined, As The Fifth Member.  Photo Laflia / Jorge Luengo And Julio Ruiz.

The jury of La Academia, in the debut of the program, before Guillermina Valdés joined, as the fifth member. Photo LaFlia / Jorge Luengo and Julio Ruiz.

One of the new

One of those who joined this year is Jimena Barón. The actress and singer went through the program several times as a participant and it was an intrigue how she was going to function on the other side of the counter. Clearly, J Mena (his stage name) appealed to his most provocative side, in his new role. Changing, strict and spicy, the artist did not avoid controversy with the participants or with her fellow members of the jury.

For his part, Hernán Piquín, who was a participant and winner of the Dancing in two seasons, he also debuted as a juror this year in The academy. His role, clearly, is that of a specialist, since he is the one who has the most experience with dance.

However, that did not prevent the dancer from having several crosses with the participants and with some of the other jurors, mainly from his partner, the Spanish, Agustín Barajas, he will join the contest.

Beyond evaluating the performance of the participants, famous or not, in the kitchen or in the dance, the juries took a liking to their role and made the most of it.


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