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Minute by minute, all the winners of the great night of Argentine music

Minute by minute, all the winners of the great night of Argentine music

Organized by CAPIF (Argentina Chamber of Phonogram and Videogram Producers), the Gardel Award ceremony takes place From this Friday, 23 July 22 In virtual format, with Jay Mamon and Eleonora Pérez Carreci conducting, and Fito Páez, Nathi Peluso and Luis Alberto Spinetta as candidates for gold.

Broadcast by TNT and Radio National, Gardel Awards took into account 41 categories Which covers the whole spectrum of musical genres in various aspects such as the interpretation, composition and production of musical works produced during the previous year in Argentina.

Among other greats of national music, Mercedes Sosa, Charlie García, Abel Pintos, Luis Alberto Spineta, Gustavo Cerrati, Escalandrum, Marilina Bertoldi and Sandro are some of those who were awarded the Gardel d’Oro, awarding Album of the Year. Huh.

Jay Mamon And Eleonora Perez Caresi Are Conductors Photo Martin Bonetto

Jay Mamon and Eleonora Perez Caresi are conductors Photo Martin Bonetto

all nominees

album of the year

Twitchby Nathy Peluso

don’t look backby Luis Alberto Spinetta

conquest of spaceby Fito Paes.

song of the year

Sufficientby Babasonicos

she saysBy Tiny feat. Khia

free stoneby Abel Pintos

Bajrap Sangeet Sessions, Vol 36Bizarre and by Nathi Peluso

ThiefBy Redness feat. Cashew

animal songby Fito Pezu

Locationby Nikki Nichol

comes, by Diego Torres, Macaco and Jorge Villamizar feat. Catalina Garcia

JayTogether forever, The Authentic Decadent. From

Noby Barbie Recanati.

Luciano Pereira, Candidate For &Quot;I Fell In Love With You&Quot;.  Photo Clarin Archive

Luciano Pereira, candidate for “I fell in love with you”. photo clarin archive

year’s record

Buenos Airesby Nathy Peluso.

Recording Engineering

conquest of spaceby Fito Pezu

For &Quot;Colocao&Quot;, Nikki Nichol Aspires For Best Urban Music Album/Song/Trap.  Photo Clarin Archive

For “Colocao”, Nikki Nichol aspires for Best Urban Music Album/Song/Trap. photo clarin archive

Best Urban Music Album / Song / Trap

Nathy Peluso: Bzrp Music Sessions, Volume 36Bizarre and by Nathi Peluso

Best Quartet Artist Album

learn to flyby Magui Olev.

Best Folklore Artist Album

.hugLouisiana by jury

Ciro And Los Persas At Cosquin Rock Online 2020.  Photo Clarin Archive

Ciro and Los Persas at Cosquin Rock Online 2020. photo clarin archive

Best Rock Artist Album

The Wars of Cyrus and the Persians (A Journey Through Time)

collectible insectsby Sol Basa

conquest of space, Fito Page.

Best Tango Artist Albums

beautiful nostalgiaby Mariana Mazu

&Quot;Tiny, Tiny, Tiny&Quot; By Tiny Goes To The Best Pop Artist Album Award.  Photo Clarin Archive

“Tiny, Tiny, Tiny” by Tiny goes to the Best Pop Artist Album award. photo clarin archive

Best Pop Artist Album

my first sad dayby Zoe Gotusso

Libraby Lalique

Tiny Tiny Tinyby Tiny.

Best Romantic-Melodic Artist Album

Danny Martin

El Dipi Won The Shortlist For Best Tropical Artist With Their Album &Quot;S Lo Que He&Quot;.  Photo Clarin Archive

El Dipi won the shortlist for Best Tropical Artist with their album “S lo que he”. photo clarin archive

Best Tropical Artist Album

It is what it isby L Dip.

Best Film / Television Soundtrack Album

luxury (you will be what you should be or you will be nothing)by Vanderes

The Last of Us Part IIby Gustavo Santolla

Step Note 4by Ernesto Snejer.

best author song album

enough music, by Martin Buscaglia

resetcelli. By

cypherBy Lisandro Aristimuno.

Daniel Melingo Competes With His Album &Quot;Oasis Melingo&Quot;.  Photo Guillermo Rodriguez Adami

Daniel Melingo competes with his album “Oasis Melingo”. photo Guillermo Rodriguez Adami

best concept album

don’t look backby Luis Alberto Spinetta

Luis Alberto Spinetta Was Selected In The Best Conceptual Album Category.  Photos Raul Romero

Luis Alberto Spinetta was selected in the Best Conceptual Album category. Photos Raul Romero

Best Chamame Albums

blue ice red earth, Chango Spasiuk-Par by Einar Watl When We Have the Information.

Javier Malosetti Competed For The Award For Best Jazz Album.  Photo Clarin Archive

Javier Malosetti competed for the award for Best Jazz Album. photo clarin archive

best jazz album

there’s no time, by Leo Genovese, Mariano Otero and Sergio Verdinelli

Maloseti and Coloniaby Javier Malosetti

Applap!by Oscar Giunta Supertrio!.

Best Classical Music Album

Debut Preludes for Pianoby Heidi Schwartz.

Best Reggae / Ska Album

Presently We Dream of Dub, Kameleba, by Don Camel

continentsdub by scam

flowers and bubblesby El Natti Combo.

best rock album

flesh, land and bloodby Pilsen.

Authentic Decadants Goes To The Award For Best Live Album With &Quot;Foreo Soul&Quot;.  Photo Clarin Archive

Authentic Decadants goes to the award for Best Live Album with “Foreo Soul”. photo clarin archive

best live album

Live Teatro Gran Rex by Rodrigo Tapari

Argentine woman, 50 years oldby La Bruja Salguero and Fascundo Ramirez

sun stage, from The Authentic Decades.

Best Alternative Folklore Albums

to be rebornby Nahuel Penicci.

Best Quartet Group Album


Best Folklore Group Albums

my landby Los Teciso

from insideby Los del Portezuelo

ahireby Ahire.

Las Pelotas Wants To Win With &Quot;It

Las Pelotas wants to win with “It’s Like That”. photo clarin archive

Best Rock Group Album

it’s like that, from Las Pelotasi

Best Pop Group Album

paranoia popby Bandalos Chinos

Best Tropical Group Album

From Buenos Aires to the Worldby Los Angeles Azules

Elena Roger And Escalandrum Go To The Award For Best Children'S Album.  Photo Clarin Archive

Elena Roger and Escalandrum go to the award for Best Children’s Album. photo clarin archive

Best Children’s Album

reverse kingdomBy Elena Roger and Escalandrum.

Best Instrumental-Fusion-World Music Album

Solo Piano: Reflectionsby Lito Vitale

Best Electronic Music Albums

but work againby Willie Crook.

Best Tango and/or Instrumental Orchestra and/or Group Album

Improvised Tangoby Jose Colangelo and Franco Luciani.

Rosario Ortega.  Photo Jermaine Garcia Adrasti

Rosario Ortega. photo Jermaine Garcia Adrasti

Best Alternative Pop Albums

electric shockby Nathy Peluso.

Best Alternative Rock Album

real time locationby Barbi Recanati

Best Duet / Collaboration Song

of bohemianBy Andres Calamaro feat. Julio Iglesias.

Best Urban Music / Trap Collaboration

Verte, by Nikki Nicole feat. Dread March I and the Bizarre

Drip (Remix)By Duki feat. Ronnie J, Pablo Chill-E, Capo Plaza, CRO

mamiculaBy Truno with Nikki Nicole feat. Bizarre, Taiu and Tatoul.

Best Catalog Collection

inner holeby virus

piazzolaBuenos Aires 8. From

santolallaby Gustavo Santollalla.

best cover design

cypherby lisandro aristimuno

Nathy Peluso Could Be A Better Newcomer.  Photo Martin Bonetto

Nathy Peluso could be a better newcomer. photo martin bonetto

best new artist

electric shockby Nathy Peluso

best short video clips

all this, by Kevin Johansson. Director / Video Clip: Bruno Adamowski

best long video clips

Almond I – 50 years – Director / Video Clip: Diego Latore

producer of the year

conquest of space – Producer/s: Diego Olivero, Gustavo Borner

this is