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Minnie West dedicates a song to her mother, Amparo Serrano, a month after her death

After the news of the designer’s death was released Amparo Serrano, her daughter Minnie West She decided to share a song that she herself wrote for her mother and also thanked those who accompanied her in this difficult moment.

The influencer has also shared that it has been difficult to face this difficult moment due to the closeness he had with his mother whom he affectionately nicknamed ‘fletzo’.

On the other hand, various figures from the show business sent their condolences to minnie and camilla west in honor of the love they had for the designer of ‘the ksi merits’.

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Minnie West writes a song for her mom

The news of the death of the creator of the ‘Distroller’ brand was a blow to her daughters minnie and camilla west who have not stopped remembering their mother through stories and photographs where they show how much they miss because of how close they were.

It was the youngest Minnie, who in this first month of her mother’s death shared a sweet detail for her mother by writing a song for her and decided to share it with her followers and with those of his mother Amparo Serrano.

Accompanied by an emotional description, Minnie assured that she will miss her more every day since her departure, as well as describe how hard it has been for her to face this month without his mom.

One of the details of this song is that the same violin teacher from Amparo Serrano helped compose and is the one who is playing it with his instrument in the video shared by the actress.

We can also see that in the video there are moments of minnie west with his mother Amparo Serrano as well as his sister Camilia and her fatheralso one of the visits of the brand ‘Distroller’ to the Basilica of Guadalupe accompanied by girls.

Definitely, Minnie West is making art out of pain of having lost the one she describes, her other half.


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