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Millionaire Dad Díaz: Who is Ángel Díaz, the leader of the millionaire family in Mexico?

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Millionaire Dad Díaz: The Díaz family has obtained great popularity in social networks, this for being one of the most prestigious families in all of Mexico. Their popularity has grown thanks to their ‘Familia Millonaria Díaz’ YouTube channel and other collaborations they have made with popular YouTubers.

Many Internet users wonder the same thing, what does this family do, or what do they work for to have money to spare? Through many vineyards, the Díaz family have shown that they can give themselves the ‘taste’ they want. Here we are going to tell you who the Diaz are and what they do…

Who are they?

Dad Millionaire Diaz

The family consists of five members, who are children: Ángel Díaz Jr, better known as the ‘Gucci Boy’, Karen, Joan, Jordy and Brayan. Each one documents their opulent life through their TikTok accounts, where everyone has the luxury of showing off their branded clothes.

Ángel Díaz shares his passion for luxury brand clothing and cars, Karen Díaz shares her travels and her passion for singing on her channel Youtube. As for the twin brothers, just 18 years old, Joan and Jordy, they tend to share more their taste for luxury cars, their love for family and their musical tastes in the ‘urban’ environment. Filed Under: Millionaire Dad Diaz

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