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Millie Bobby Brown sues her ex-boyfriend for spreading the intimacy of her sex life on social networks

Millie Bobby Brown sues her ex-boyfriend for spreading the intimacy of her sex life on social networks

protagonist of the protagonist strange thingsMILF Millie Bobby Brown Decided to sue her ex-boyfriend, Hunter Ekimovich, for his talk about the bond they formed. The statements made by the TikToker known as Echo infringed upon the rights of Millie, who was a minor at the time.

TikTok hunter “Echo” Ekimovich sparked a strong controversy recently when, from his social network, he assured that he was Bobby Brown’s partner when she was a minor. The 21-year-old influencer did an Instagram live on his account and He spoke giving many details of the courtship with actress.

In these statements, Ekimovie did not save Detail and graphically describe sexual encounters that he kept. Hence, Bobby Brown’s response to get him justice.

The TikToker story would be infringing on Brown’s rights as a minor. At the time of courtship, the age of the influencer was 20 years and that of the interpreter was 16 years.

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committed to you activism for women’s rightsMillie Bobby Brown, among other problems, takes advantage of the popularity that earned her her role in the series strange things, From Netflix, to lending her voice with many issues that, as in this case, could affect other underage people like her.

irresponsibility, hatred and lack of regret

After the Echo publication became known, Millie Bobby’s reaction was immediate and issued a statement. “Mr. Asimovich’s comments on social media are not only dishonest, but also irresponsible, aggressive and full of hatred”, says the writing.

Furthermore, Brown claims that instead of engaging in public discussion, he has asked his lawyers to take steps to ensure that Ekimovich can stop such behavior for good.

The stir it has created is so great that The influencer’s account has been deactivated Due to the large number of complaints received on its profile. But before the situation took effect, Ekimovich confirmed that he would not apologize and that he would not apologize either.

Doubling the stake, he added one last bomb to his statements saying that lived eight months at Brown’s house with his father and mother and that they both knew perfectly well what was happening under that roof.

New partner and new profile

For her part, the actress She is now dating Jon Bon Jovi’s son, Jacob Bongiovi, and the two have a more stable relationship than Bobby Brown had with Ekimovich and, apparently, a lot more considerate as well.

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At just 17 years old, Millie Bobby Brown is one of the greats of Hollywood’s new generations, with many successes under her belt and starring in fiction such as strange things or Enola Homes. but he came along sudden fame And a stardom that always puts his personal life in the foreground, partly due to the enormous curiosity of his millions of followers.

Only on her Instagram account Millie Bobby Brown Deposit at least 46.5 millionEvery movement, whether for work, humanitarian causes or personal life, is watched by millions of people around the world.

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