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Miley Cyrus Breaks Silence Over Wardrobe Malfunction On NYE Special: “Loved Every Second”

Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has let fans know exactly how she feels about losing her top as she performs “Party in the USA” on her New Years special.

She “loved” it! Miley Cyrus finally broke her silence about the wardrobe malfunction on her New Years Eve show that got everyone talking! On the NBC special, the 29-year-old pop icon performed his mega-hit “Party in the USA” in front of an adoring crowd when her silver cropped top slipped, forcing Miley to rush backstage for a change. of holding. Shortly after, a tweet announced that Miley was “in pain” from the incident, to which one fan took offense and replied, “She didn’t“ suffer. ”The girl didn’t miss a beat. or skipped at ** and ALWAYS delivered. “

Well, Miley got wind of the solid support and retweeted it, addressing the situation herself. “Absolutely not! The whole night was pure JOY! I loved every second! We would expect nothing less from a fine performer like Miley! The Hannah montana star kept it real, as usual.

In case you missed it, Miley handled all the wardrobe dysfunction like a pro. As soon as she realized her top was coming off, she put her hand on her chest and walked backstage – while continuing to sing! As she reappeared in a large red blazer, Miley made a joke in reference to the 2009 hit, singing, “Everyone’s looking at me now.” The “Wrecking Ball” singer then added, “I always wear the most clothes I have ever worn on stage.”

Later in the special, Miley’s co-host, Pete Davidson, won viewers’ hearts as he showed how far he would go to make Miley feel comfortable with the potentially embarrassing episode. “I heard we may have had a little breast slip. So, in solidarity, here are my tits, ”he said, lifting his shirt. Throughout the evening, Miley and Pete proved they were the right stars for the job, as they kept the party going all night long with their witty report and pre-recorded sketches. They even performed a version of Will smith “Miami” for the crowd with rapping Pete! Way to ring the new year, folks!

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