Home Entertainment Miguel Luis doesn’t know where his friend Sammy Perez is hospitalized

Miguel Luis doesn’t know where his friend Sammy Perez is hospitalized

Miguel Luis doesn't know where his friend Sammy Perez is hospitalized

Sammy’s best friend assures that he does not know where he is hospitalized.

Mexico City.- miguel luis is other than He is very concerned about his health of his friend Sammy Perez. The comedian also hints that since 10 days he hasn’t heard from his great friend, so he is disappointed and wished to be able to contact you.

In an interview with the program “De Primera Mano”, the capsule director of “The Impossible Interview” also revealed that he had lost track of Sammy, but because of him. serious health looking all the way to know which hospital are you in your colleague.

“Eugenio Derbez was the one who didn’t attend, it’s not friendship, We are as if we were brothers, Brothers. We have been talking over the phone for more than 10 days, and I was overjoyed,” the actor shared along with the show’s schedule.

miguel luis He mentioned that he was worried when he saw in the media how serious his friend’s health was, so he reiterated that he didn’t know anything about her and didn’t even want to say anything to her.

I don’t know where he is I want to know where he is, that they find me, so that they can write to me and get in touch. They don’t want to tell me anything I don’t know what is happening. I just want to know where my partner is,” said the actor.

Specially Miguel Luis has been a comic couple for 20 years of the actor, which is why he not only considers him as a companion, Treat Sammy Perez as your brother.

Sammy gets worse and worse

Recently, the manager of Sammy Perez Told that comedians are not showing no improvement Quite the contrary, because now he is on dialysis.

“They’re going through hemodialysis first, try it my dear Sammy,” wrote the rep actor by XHDerbez.