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Mickey Mendoza and Andrea Quezada present “We Are Energy”


Mexican singer Mickey Mendoza released his single “Somos Energia” a few days ago, a pop style song with indie, rock, ballads and alternative music influences, which he performs with his girlfriend Andrea Quezada.

“It’s a song about love, but not that there are codependencies instead of love: ‘I’m dying for you’, ‘I can’t live without you’, ‘I need you’ … express that two people come together with their light”.

He explains that being a love song, he tried to balance the music with a “slightly dark” arrangement so that it was not so melodic.

“If you look at the beginning, it starts out with a string arrangement that’s a little bombastic, what I’m going to do is that it doesn’t give you that honey feeling, but because of the deeper elements in it. songs that may be from any other genre,” he explains.

The song, a co-writer between them, Andrea Quezada and Marco Aurelio Nava, was originally intended for Andrea’s performance only.

“She wanted to talk about love, what it’s like to meet the person with whom you want to share your happiness, and upon entering the studio I recorded a part with my voice so that she could guide herself and We heard that the two voices were heard well together”.

From that moment on they decided to sing it together “and since we are dating, it was like a glove”.

Mickey anticipates that “We Are Energy” will be part of an album that will be ready in January 2022.

“For the remainder of this year, I’m concentrating on composing and producing the songs on the album and adding ten or eleven new songs and two that are already ready as ‘Depende de Me’ and ‘Muse del Cosmos. Huh”.

The video for “We Are Energy” was directed by Ricardo Pérez Gil and Andrea Luna, and features a fire juggler from Atayde Circus. It can already be seen on YouTube and on all social networks of the singer

Originally from Mexico City, Mickey learned to play the guitar at the age of 11 and was already performing at the bar by the age of 14. At the age of 17, when he had learned to play the drums and piano and studied singing, he was introduced to music production and audio engineering.

His first job as an engineer and assistant came at Eric Rubin’s studio, where he worked with artists such as Moderato and Alex Sintec.

He has played at important events such as the Latin Grammys where he performed “Musa del Cosmos” with Daniel Habid. As a producer he has worked with Daniel Habeef, Paulina Goto, Yahir, Maria Leone, Samo, CD9, Meli G, Diego Amoz, Jas Reyes, Laura Vignatti and Jessica Dias. – IVÁN CANUL EK