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Mickey Guyton shares how his son Grayson inspired him to use his voice in the industry (EXCLUSIVE)

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Mickey Guyton has a 1-year-old son, Grayson, thanks to his willingness to speak out against inequalities in the country music industry.

“The reason I started using my voice was because I saw such disparities against women and women of color in my particular industry,” the 39-year-old country singer told ET. “And then once I got pregnant, it was like, How could I not say anything? Like, I don’t want my son to grow up to look back and know I didn’t say anything. He was a huge inspiration for that.” I realize, no matter what career you have, you can’t enjoy it if you see people struggling.”

She continued, “It’s never going to be okay for me and it’s something where I can sleep at night knowing that I’m seeing so many incredible artists of color in this industry. That’s what’s most important. You Maya Angelou Know that phrase uttered by you? She says, ‘People forget what you said. People will forget what you did. But people will never forget how you made them feel.’ And it’s true. It’s so true, and it’s made being an artist and pursuing music that much more satisfying.”

Mickey Guyton, Grant Savoy and Grayson
Mickey Guyton / Instagram

Guyton and her husband, Grant Savoy, welcomed their son in 2021. For the “Black Like Me” singer, who has already performed at the Super Bowl, America’s Juneteenth festival and is set to host a capital fourth On the PBS special, it’s still hard to find that work-life balance.

“I’m barely making it honest,” Gayton admitted. “I’m totally exhausted. I’m totally exhausted. It doesn’t matter what the balance I think. I’ll be on a stage singing at the Juneteenth event, which I’m hosting capital fourth And I’ll leave the event after doing something like this in hair and makeup and I’ll still go home and change my son’s diaper. And it really is the most grounded, humble thing. ,

She said, “I’m tired but it definitely affects me. I’m still trying to find the balance of the time. But it’s true when they say, ‘When you have that baby you can’ Tired for the next 18 years.'”

Gayton’s balance is giving her time to catch up on her baby’s latest milestone. “He’s starting to say a lot of words,” she said. “He can say ‘up,’ he can say ‘fish.’ He can say ‘no,’ great. ‘No’ is his favorite word. Those are the best moments, he’s starting to understand me, and I I can say, ‘Go get your book.’ And he could say ‘book’ and he said ‘poop’ too.

The “Better Than You Left Me” singer admitted that Grayson is picking up on everything—sometimes bad words. But when it comes to singing, she’s not quite there yet.

“He hasn’t sung anything yet, but he loves music,” shared Guyton. “I recently discovered Gracie’s Corner, I like this cocoa melon, but the black version. It’s amazing! Like, this is great.”

Grayson is about to get a chance to see her mom in action — and maybe a cameo appearance — as she hosts a capital fourth Celebration, which she is telling family affair.

“My mom and dad are coming,” she said of the guest list. “My baby is going to be there. My husband is going to be there. As long as I have a son, that’s really what matters. He’s the real rock star in the family and I’d love to celebrate on stage with him.”

a capital fourth airs at 7 p.m. ET on PBS stations nationwide, plus For our soldiers around the world on the US military network.

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