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Michelle Young gives emotional detail on Nayte Olukoya split, shares why she made producers cry

Michelle Young is managing to recover from her split with Nayte Olukoya. The couple, who were the first couple in Bachelor Nation history, broke up in June.

During a recent appearance on Ben and Ashley’s I Almost Famous PodcastYoung gave fans an update on how she was doing and shared that the end of their relationship was not in her plans.

“I’d say it’s not something I saw, and I’ll just leave it there,” the 29-year-old school teacher said on the podcast. Young shared that the entire summer has been a transition from deciding not to return to class to ending their relationship. Thankfully, he has support.

“It’s been quite the transition,” she told the host. “I’ll just say because, you know, this year, I decided to step away from class, this next school year, just because I’m so burned out. And just really want to get out of that survival mode. I like that.” Life seems to have taken this thing and it’s okay like the challenge has been accepted. And here’s the deal with a breakup. It’s definitely not something I plan to work on this summer But I definitely get the sense that sometimes we have to work through things we didn’t plan for that weren’t in our life plans.”

“So I really depend on my friends, family for support and it’s been really helpful, I think maintaining that layer so I can start working now.”

Young said, “You have good days, you have bad days. You know, it comes and goes in waves.”

Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya
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When asked whether her decision to step away from teaching would have helped the couple, who were long distance, come closer, Young shared, “Naturally.” Although bachelor happy hour The host shared that she is “focused on herself and inner peace.”

When it comes to her support system, Young says she’s able to rely on family and friends inside and outside Bachelor Nation for support.

“It’s been tough, it’s been very emotional and there have been so many ripples of things,” she said. “But to have the family and friends who walk those waves with you and are willing to take those waves with them has been just incredible.”

As if leaving the relationship wasn’t hard enough, Young shared that deciding what to do with the $200,000 prize money given to her and Olukoya has prompted her to cry to the producers. “You know that was money that was gifted to both of us and I think it’s something that is being decided how it will be unified going forward,” she said.

The fifth grade teacher said, “I haven’t officially decided, but I’ve started doing something different to give back, to form an organization or just to promote the change I’ve been talking about.” Am.” “I think it’s going to be something that I feel great about.”

She continued about the emotional phone call with the producers, “I’m literally on the phone with the producers crying, like ‘Can I make this to pay someone else?’ It’s something that I love about. I know it’s the million-dollar question, it’s been enough.”

Young and Olukoya announced their split in June. Soon after the news was made public, Olukoya issued a statement clearing up the rumors of infidelity.

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