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Michelle Salas’s sister Mariana is the girlfriend of Yazbek’s nephew

Is everything in the family? As if it were a novel, Luis Miguel’s daughter’s half-sister is having an affair with her ex-girlfriend’s nephew.

Mexico. — Daughters of Stephanie Salas They have always been very reserved with their personal lives, however, Michelle Salas’s sister, Camila Valero She has not been able to hide how much she falls in love with the actor Dario Yazbek Bernali, Who is not only his half-brother Gayle Garcia Bernal.

The actor is also the nephew of Mariana Yazbeki, Who in the past was one of Luis Miguel’s great loves, and as we can see in the series of singers, marked his life.

This description in which it is shown The most important family in Mexico (Pinel, Yazbeck) are always Results related to ‘Mickey’ This was pointed out by the journalist Miguel Angel Maldonado “Chiapenko”, and as one can imagine it caused reactions.

a coincidence?

It is a reality that with the premiere of lSecond season of “Luis Miguel, The Series”, Singers and people who are part of its history become Relevant dataHowever, it is surprising to see how “El Sol” also provoked reactions in relation to third parties.

In this case, Luis Miguel’s name is linked to the romance that the actor maintains Camila Valero This Dario Yazbek Bernali, As noted by the journalist, is already together for a year:

Dario Yazbek Bernal is Camila Valero’s lover, Easy they are going to be dating a year. They make a very beautiful pair, Maldonado said.

While Joel O’Farilli clarified that, although they never take pictures as a couple, or at least they don’t share them on their respective social networks, Dario always comments on his girlfriend’s post: “Camilla always has profiles Likes From Section And some comments from the heart, ”the journalist said.

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Mariana Yazbek’s relatives

Yes, many people associate the actor of “La Casa de las Floors” with his half-brother Gayle Garcia And his mother, Patricia Bernal, Dario is also the son of photographic director Sergio Yazbek, who is in turn the brother of the famous photographer Mariana Yazbek.

Who is Camila Valero?

This l. isStephanie Salas’s youngest daughter The result of his relationship with the composer of Santa Sabina, Pablo Valero. Camilla is, for obvious reasons, a member of the Pinal dynasty and half-sister of Michel Salas.

The young woman, unlike her boyfriend, has had a slow time in the show business, but is certain, as she is seen in more and more projects.

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