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Michelle Renaud, in novel and film at the same time

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MEXICO CITY (EFE) .- Michelle Renaud cannot explain how she managed to venture into the cinema while she was in the recordings of “La inheritance”, a telenovela in which she stars and which, she says, is her “best project” so far.

“I don’t know how I did it, I think I’m the first protagonist to be in a telenovela and a movie at the same time, I don’t know how I did it, both projects were achieved and although I’m a lifelong ‘protenovela’, I loved making movies” , says the 33-year-old artist.

The actress will be part of the next two films by JM Cravioto, “Corazonada”, which centers its plot on the “greatest fraud in the history of Mexico”, which occurred in 2012 with a lottery prize, and “Malvada”, in where he will give life to a supposed witch.

Although being divided into two projects was quite a challenge, Michelle Renaud says that it has been very impressive for her to see that her work has diversified by reaching the big screen with personalities such as Osvaldo Benavides, Bruno Bichir and Adrián Vázquez, among other actors. consolidated.

“When I see myself in ‘Malvada’ I can’t believe that I’m the one there, I think it’s going to surprise many,” says the actress.

“It has been incredible, I came every day and told them that I needed oxytocin and they all hugged me, it was a constant love, we made scenes where we ended up and hugged each other for everything that moved us on the set,” he says.

The telenovela follows the life of Sara, a woman who comes to demand part of her inheritance from her father’s house and has a first encounter with her five brothers, who will not take her arrival lightly.

His brothers in fiction are played by Mauricio Henao, Daniel Elbittar, Emmanuel Palomares, Juan Pablo Gil and Matías Novoa, with whom he surpassed the acting part and although the recordings of the project ended, Michelle Renaud says that she stays with love and friendship that he created with his companions whom in real life he considers family.

“I had had to work on incredible productions but here there was something else, there was a much more intimate and magical relationship between everyone. Without a doubt, it is the best project I have ever done,” he says.

Not everything in the recordings was easy, because the actress suffered an accident for which she was hospitalized, but even in that experience she managed to find one of her most beloved tastes.

“I had to start getting into a tub with ice every day because during the recordings of ‘La inheritance’ I fell off a horse and ended up in the hospital, to be able to continue recording I needed to walk and with the ice I did it, now I want everything the world tries it because I love sharing what works for me and this is going to change their lives”, he assures.

“The most important thing is that the greatest legacies we leave behind are the legacy of love, family union, we always think of money when we talk about legacies, but this story teaches us friendship, brotherhood, being honest,” he concludes. the actress.

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