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Michelle Obama pays tribute to Betty White with a photo with the late “First Dog” Bo

Michelle Obama pays tribute to Betty White with a photo with the late

Betty White’s love for dogs – and indeed all animals – was unparalleled. And nobody knew this better than Michelle Obama, who paid tribute to the late actress with a photo showing the late Obama family dog ​​Bo and the bond they shared.

The former first lady took to Instagram on Friday and shared a retrospective photo of the ultimate golden girl sitting on a bench with Bo during her 2012 White House visit. White smiles in a green blue blazer and looks elegant as always in a pearl necklace and earrings. In her touching tribute, Obama praised White’s famous career and love for animals.

“Betty White broke barriers, defied expectations, served her country and made us all laugh,” Obama’s caption reads. “She was also an animal lover and activist, and Bo loved hanging out with her.”

There was no one like her, and Barack and I join so many who will miss the joy she has brought to the world, “continued Obama.” I know our Bo looks forward to seeing her in heaven . “

Bo died earlier this year after battling cancer. Bo, born in October 2008, was 12 years old.

It’s no secret that Betty loved her pooches. she said People In 1999 she once had 26 dogs. Her love for dogs was so deep that White co-authored two books on guide dogs and also adopted a golden retriever named Pontiac who attended the International Guide Dog School but was deemed too friendly to be a guide dog.

According to today, White was so closely associated with guide dogs that she has given the organization “very generous gifts” every year since 1986, while also attending events, writing mail campaigns, and even recording announcements for public services.

White died Friday at the age of 99, just weeks before her 100th birthday on January 17th. The Emmy Award-winning film legend whose appearances on The golden girls and The Mary Tyler Moore Show remain cultural touchstones, should be celebrated with the upcoming film event, Betty White: 100 years young – a birthday party.


Reference from etonline