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Michael K. Williams’ documentary series’ Black Market ‘is getting an emotional trailer for the second season

Michael K. Williams' documentary series' Black Market 'is getting an emotional trailer for the second season

Michael K. Williams’ last documentary film project is making its debut. On Monday, Vice took a first look at the late actor’s second season of TV documentaries. Black market with Michael K. Williams, and revealed the installment premieres on January 10th.

Black market has the Lovecraft country Actor as he explores the complex world of illicit trafficking and untangles how these criminal networks are reshaping the way we live. From delving into the underworld of New York gambling to interviews with gun smugglers in the south, Williams offers an intrepid glimpse into the lives of the people who operate in these illegal markets and examines how these shadow economies have changed since his travels in the first Season of the show have evolved.

“Our goal is to simply show the world a window into why people do the things they do. As they say, when the system fails, create your own system, ”Williams says in the trailer.

According to Vice, Season 2 is “an intimate portrait of the conditions in which black markets arise and the cultural reasons why they persist”. Williams will guide viewers as they explore the new era of credit card fraud as they explore how New York’s secret world of boosting and flipping has transformed mainstream fashion, black market body modifications, and more.

Black market is a testament to Michael K. Williams’ commitment to criminal justice reform and social justice, “said Jesse Angelo, president of Global News and Entertainment, Vice Media Group. “Michael was a longtime friend of our Vice family and shared our belief that all voices are heard – especially those in marginalized communities. Michael’s mission was to raise those voices and we are honored to share this collection of new episodes. “

“At graduation Black market was very difficult given the loss of Michael, and it was extremely rewarding to bring his vision to the finish line for this season, “said Ben Freedman, Dion Sapp, Matthew Horowitz, David Laven and Matt Goldman, executive producers of Freedome Productions and Picture Farm. ”Michael was a gifted storyteller who put his heart and soul into his work both on and off the screen. Black market serves as a bridge between them. Black market was more than a TV show for Michael. It was a mirror of his life. A daily struggle to overcome life’s obstacles. This fight isn’t always pretty, but its documentary storytelling is evidence of the brilliance of everyday people finding their way around a complicated world. We are incredibly proud to be able to share this work with you. “

The first season of Black market premiered on June 5, 2016 on the network (then Viceland) and ran for 12 episodes. Season 2 starts on January 10th on Vice TV.


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