Home Entertainment Michael B. Jordan will be the new Val-Zod-inspired Superman

Michael B. Jordan will be the new Val-Zod-inspired Superman

Michael B. Jordan will be the new Val-Zod-inspired Superman

Michael B Jordan will be in the suit “Superman”, thanks to the fact that through your production company outside society, you will develop your own project hbo max, as published by This Day Magazine collider.

Sources say that Outlier Society already has a writer working on the script. Although it was not initially clear that Val-Zode Project Whether it will be a film or a limited series, sources have clarified that as of now it is actually being written. a limited series joe jordan Will produce and possibly star as well.

Years ago, it was discovered that JJ Abrams and his company a . was listed to produce black superman To Warner Bros., which version is expected to follow Kal-El / Clark Canto Of character

even though Clark Kent is traditionally depicted as a white man In dc comics, this character in the film will be played by a black actor “Bad Robot”, which will be directed by a black filmmaker produced by Abrams. ta-nehi quotes already hard working on script of that project.

However, Jordan is not part of Abrams’ project, as it will be a character who rediscovers Kal-El by turning him into a white man, while the actor’s idea – Who has already parted with Marvel for “Black Panther”– it was more important to talk black superman focused on the history of Val-Zod, another comic.

Who is Val-Zod the Superman of Earth 2?

is val-zod A Kryptonian Sent to Earth with others three spaceships Before the destruction of his home planet. is on arrival Waxed by Terry Sloan in a cell under the old arkham asylum.

After Apokolips’ second invasion, he was freed from his imprisonment. protect earth 2MILF as the new Superman An alternate reality of Kal-El.

Michael B. Jordan Will Be The New Val-Zod-Inspired Superman - Light Home News
Image of the character Val-Zod. internet photo

It is worth mentioning that Val-Zod’s powers are also different from the Superman we knowSince his main superpower is the absorption of solar energy, his supernatural power also increases. It has increased speed, but also the vision of the electromagnetic spectrum with which it can see and recognize radio and television signals.

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