Mia Khalifa Holidays in Mexico Promoting Horror

The girl is vacationing in Mexico. Through a photo on social networks, he indirectly helped promote the local product.

Mexico.- Mia Khalifa Former adult film actress and influential, did inadvertently The sexiest “commercial” for a traditional Mexican drink: the AHorchata Gua.

Raunchy hardcore

During them Holidays in Punta de Mita, NayaritThe celebrity declared herself a fan of this drink, but like all celebrities, she did it in a special way.

Mia takes advantage of the heavenly place To show off her statue in a small bikini that showcased all her features. Not only this image Made an impact For her erotic posture, but also for what Was taking And erotic way Drink your hot.

As if not much, the model showed the image with the following text: “Cake, but my only base They call me Horchata Mama“.

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Just a little Hours to post your photosThe maiden is about to receive two million “likes”, forgetting to mention that the comments of those praising her working anatomy have not stopped.

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