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Mhoni Vidente talks about the inheritance of Andrés García; Who will be the lucky one?

  • The seer warns about the worst about Andrés García
  • Who could be the lucky one with their inheritance?
  • Mhoni gives strong statements about the actor’s decisions

Mhoni Seer inheritance Andrés García. The Dominican actor Andrés García has given much to talk about in recent months despite the fact that he has been facing health problems that have seriously deteriorated him, to the point where he himself has said that he does not think he has much time left to live. …

And it is that the actor was detected with cirrhosis, a disease that has had him very deteriorated. Recently the 84-year-old actor sent a very moving message to his followers, which could be interpreted as a farewell. However, now Mhoni Vidente came out to talk about what could happen to the actor.

Mhoni Vidente assures that Andrés could be using ‘blackmail’

Mhoni Seer inheritance Andrés García

Mhoni Vidente assures that Andrés García has been blackmailing with the controversial statements he has been making for a few months, where he has assured that he has stripped more than one person of his will, creating a lawsuit with many people.

Andrew continues with his blackmail of ‘I take you off, I put you’, and it is that the Cuban vedette says that Andrés García, the more he says that he is about to die, the more his time extends. Mhoni complements it with a saying that could be an interpretation of what may be happening with the actor. Filed Under: Mhoni Vidente Inheritance Andrés García

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