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Mhoni Vidente predicts that there will be a 6.1 earthquake in September

  • The fortune teller assures that the earth will tremble strongly in September
  • Mexicans ‘joke’ that this month is the greatest risk with earthquakes
  • What did the seer say?

For Mexico, September is a time full of parties since it is the national month because its Independence is celebrated. But in the history of the country, this month there have been devastating earthquakes that left a great mark on all citizens. Mhoni Vidente tells Mexicans to be careful this month.

The fortune-teller has responded to doubts about what will happen with respect to telluric movements in the 30 days that make up September. The inhabitants of the Aztec country are ‘prepared’ in case an earthquake occurs at any time and they can be ready to find a safe place.

The seer assures that she will tremble

The seer assures that she will tremble

Through the El Heraldo de México podcast, Mhoni Vidente emphasized that a strong tremor would definitely be recorded in September. The fortune-teller said to what magnitude the movement could reach, but also said that these phenomena should not be seen as something bad.

He gave an explanation of why earthquakes and earthquakes come to produce ‘benefits’ to planet Earth and for that reason they should not be viewed in a bad way. He added that he had communicated it because many people had been asking him on his social networks about whether an earthquake would occur.

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