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Mhoni Vidente predicts a hurricane, but they already warn of a tropical depression

  • Mhoni Vidente foresees natural phenomena such as hurricanes or a tropical depression
  • National Hurricane Center in Miami forecasts a meteor in the next few days
  • the CNH gives it a 70 percent chance of a cyclone in the next five days

For this month of September, Mhoni Vidente foresees that several natural phenomena of great impact could occur, such as those of August, for which he said we must be vigilant, this after the portal First hour announced that a tropical depression is about to form in the coming days, according to information from the National Hurricane Center in Miami (CNH).

Through social networks, the authorities issued a detailed report of what could happen in the coming days, which is about to end in August, so it is important to take into account the recommendations in case this type of crime hits. meteors either in Mexico or in the United States.


Mhoni Seer tropical depression

Verbatim, the authorities reported the following: “A wide and elongated area of ​​low pressure over the tropical Atlantic center is producing disorganized downpours and electrical storms. Environmental conditions are expected to be generally conducive to gradual development, and a depression could form by mid-week while moving west-northwest at 10 to 15 mph toward waters east of the Leeward Islands.”

After the predictions, the CNH gives it a 70 percent cyclone probability in the next five days, in turn in the next 48 hours it gives it a 30. It should be noted that the hurricane season begins on June 1 and ends on June 30. November and the most active months are August and September. Mhoni Vidente and a tropical depression were reported.

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