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Monday, September 26, 2022

Mhoni Seer predicts the worst about monkeypox (VIDEO)

  • The fortune teller has said the worst about the new virus
  • Warns about what could be causing it
  • Announces that monkeypox is not the worst

Mhoni Vidente monkeypox: Last week the world health organization declared monkeypox an international health emergency. alerting the entire population since the same thing happened more than two years ago, but with the coronavirus. The fortune teller Mhoni Vidente has said the worst of this new epidemic.

Being in a program Mhoni has said something surprising about the real reason why in almost three years two epidemics have hit the planet. She said that there were some facts that did not leave her calm and that someone could be causing the illnesses.

Mhoni Seer talks about diseases!

Mhoni Seer talks about diseases!

Being on the news show The Herald of Mexico, The fortune-teller Mhoni Vidente has said about what has made her most uneasy about the new epidemic called “monkey pox”. She mentioned that in her opinion the appearance of the coronavirus and this disease cannot be a coincidence.

The hosts of the program were surprised by the seer’s words, as she also warned about what would be happening over the next 9 years. Some netizens have reacted to what Mhoni revealed on this television show.

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