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“Mexico will be like Cuba”

Eduardo yañez

Mexico.- Eduardo Yanezu attack on president Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador And he assured that he has an army to manipulate the population.

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The actor, who had earlier criticized the current administration, accused the president of being a dictator who starves people.

when asked about them Protests in Cuba Against the Miguel Diaz-Canel regime, he assured that AMLO’s administration was the same as that of the island.

“Castro was in power for 50 years, and now he has children. It doesn’t matter. They are the ones our president supports. The people who starve his people”, expressed Yanez.

Mexico, “On the Same Road as Cuba”

According to your point of view, Mexico could end up just like a Caribbean country. However, he said that there is no freedom of expression against the executive in Cuba.

“It awaits us in Mexico, we have a president who is a dictator, let’s stop thinking so much. We can raise our voices and nobody has stopped what’s happening here, nobody, nothing Roka hai, they strong ho gaya hai (rhetoric against the President). Only the army that is with him”, he said.

“We are the enemy of the army. They have to torture us. They don’t help anymore, don’t do that anymore”, he concluded.

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