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Mexico does it again!

Mexico does it again!

For the third time she crowned Miss Universe

It was clear that the beauty model preferred by Miss Universe 2021 judges was brown skin and non-Caucasian features, and that it was confirmed as the winner of the title for the third time in the election of Chihuahuan Andrea Meja. That a Mexican wins it.

Judges’ priorities were clear from the very beginning of the broadcast of the competition, which took place last night in Florida: only two whites appeared in a selection of 21 semifinalists, candidates from Argentina and France.

Even countries with large Anglo-Saxon populations, such as Great Britain and the United States, were represented by black women in the competition.

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Hispano-America and Asia were the most different in the final stages of the competition, with conductors Mario Lopez and Olivia Culpo, Miss Universe 2012. The first 21 selected to advance to the finals were also ambassadors from Brazil, Colombia, Costa. Rika, and Curacao. , Dominican Republic, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Myanmar, Nicaragua, Peru, Philippines, Puerto Rico, Thailand and Vietnam.

After the first filter in which 10 were selected, the winner of the crown would be determined out of five: Andrea, Brazilian Julia Garma, Indian Edin Castellino, Dominican Kimberly Jimenez and Peruvian Genic Flowerpot.


As usual, the candidates submitted questions to the judges. Andrea was questioned about how she would have handled the epidemic if she had been President of Mexico. In response, he confirmed that there was no good way to do this, but that he would have already shut down the population to avoid a large number of deaths.

As a novelty, applicants passed another test after this stage: the presentation of a randomly chosen subject. Andrea Meja noted the change in beauty standards.

While the jury deliberated Luis Fonsi explained “dying to see you”.

In the final phase, South African Zozi Tunzi, whose rule lasted two years due to the epidemic, gained onstage.

The fourth final was representative of the Dominican Republic; Third, from India and another from Peru. Julia Garma was left as an alternative to Andrea.

Chihuahuan’s victory was announced by Mario Lopez, an actor of Mexican origin “Long Live Mexico!” With the slogan of.

The best national dress was thought to be a costume worn by the representative of Myanmar, who gave a sign in the presentation that read: “Pray for Myanmar.”

Before Andrea, Mexican Lupita Jones in 1991, and Ximena Navarrete in 2010.— Megamedia received the title.


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