Home Entertainment ‘México con todo’, the series that pays tribute to Mexico’s culinary heritage

‘México con todo’, the series that pays tribute to Mexico’s culinary heritage

'México con todo', the series that pays tribute to Mexico's culinary heritage

Mexico has millions of flavors that make it a unique country. the variety of spices, chillies, vegetables, spices, oils and concepts make it one of the richest cultures in world gastronomy and “México con Todo” wants to uphold this characteristic of the tricolor.

‘México con todo’, the series that pays tribute to Mexico’s culinary heritage

Therefore Sidral Mundet created “México con Todo” in collaboration with Discovery México and the Mexican filmmaker Santiago Arau, a six-part digital series that talks about Mexican traditions, gastronomy, and culture.

To the Alejandro Ferrer, Frontline Marketing Director at The Coca-Cola Company in Mexico, this series makes you proud of the gastronomic diversity that exist in the country.

“We wanted to bring the traditional culture of Mexico into“ A La Mexican Way ”and not only convey the vision of the variety of delicious dishes, but also the ambitious look of each place. We came to awaken Mexican pride, to believe in ourselves and to dare to make things better and more unique, ”Alejandro Ferrer told La Noticia.

“And this is Mundet, a brand that wants to celebrate the culture of Mexico and be the one to be remembered and for the many incredible flavors it has and can be part of those moments,” he added.

The series “México con Todo” is available through Discovery.com and in the canal Youtube from Discovery Home & Health and is therefore available to all fans of Mexican food.

The series saves stories from unique locations in Mexico City

What’s more Alejandro Ferrer explains that this series saves special stories from places that have become traditionIn addition, it enhances the unique flavors that create Mexican cuisines.

“Because that’s part of the pride of the Mexicans. Every restaurant we visit has a special story that gives that feeling. Gastronomy conveys a familiar feeling that is passed on from generation to generation. México Con Todo speaks about these stories, but in an up-and-coming way as soon as Santiago Arau brings this through his refreshing lens of the places, ”he explained.

“Mexican gastronomy is so valuable because it reflects our culture and the unique way that Mexicans do things; with passion, wit and pride, just like Sidral Mundet, ”he added.

The chapters are guided by the vision of Santiago Arau, a famous filmmaker who through his lens and experience has a special vision of Mexican gastronomy.

“(We chose Santiago Arau because of) a recommendation from the Discovery team, he was super assertive as his vision of Mexico’s culture is fresh, true and unique. He’s an incredible photographer who doesn’t bring a journalistic or characterized view of traditional things, but a deeper and more authentic path, ”reveals Alejandro Ferrer.

'México Con Todo', The Series That Pays Tribute To Mexico'S Culinary Heritage - Light Home News

Dishes, typical colonies and cuisines that have inherited hundreds of flavors

The documentary series runs through La Narvarte, the center, Azcapotzalco, Clavería, San Cosme and Santa María la Ribera, Neighborhoods that are home to locals and restaurants to help understand the rich traditions and flavors of the area Mexico City.

Therefore, You can see the delicacy of a criollo corn tortilla, dishes made with duck, among other delicacies that make Mexican cuisine unique in the world.

In the end, Mexican food is so valuable and valued in the world that on November 16, 2010 it was recognized by Unesco as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

“Just as Mexican food is synonymous with variety, Sidral Mundet will continue to accompany delicious Mexican dishes with its variety of flavors, with the unique flavor that makes the brand the perfect ally for Mexican food. Have you tried them yet? ”Concluded Alejandro Ferrer.

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