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Mexican singer Mauricio Garza dies drowned in a pool at the age of 26

  • Terrible information in the leisure globe
  • They report on the demise of Mexican singer Mauricio Garza at the age of 26
  • The artist, who along with his brother was element of the Dos Garza duo, drowned in a pool

“I are not able to feel it!”. By way of social networks, a awful news was introduced that dressed, after again, the amusement world in mourning: the Mexican singer Mauricio Garza drowned in a pool. He was just 26 many years previous. His admirers did not allow a great deal time go to convey their condolences to him.

In accordance to info from Milenio, whilst till that second it had not been formally verified, the young male allegedly drowned in a pool that was in a fifth (in several towns in northern Mexico, the salons of outdoor functions exactly where celebrations of all varieties are held). Relaxation in peace.

They say the past goodbye to Mauricio Garza


Through the Instagram tales of the Dos Garza duo, it was introduced that a funeral would be structured for Mauricio Garza on Tuesday, October 25. A day later on, a system mass was held where the last goodbye to the Mexican singer would be presented. Attendees had been suggested to be dressed in white.

Improved acknowledged as ‘Maucho’, the singer (born in 1996 in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico) formed the duo Dos Garza with his brother Patricio. He was the composer and musical arranger. Until eventually the time of writing this take note, no additional specifics of this tragic celebration have been disclosed (Submitted as: Mexican singer Mauricio Garza dies drowned in a pool at the age of 26).

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