'Mexican' films conquer the Cannes Film Festival

The Un certain regard section of the Cannes Film Festival surrendered to two productions that, without being Mexican, do touch the theme of that country.

Tatiana Huezo, director born in El Salvador, but nationalized Mexican, received a special mention for her film ‘Noche de fuego’; while the Romanian, Teodora Ana Mihai, triumphed with the prize for bravery for ‘La Civil,’ a Mexican co-production.

‘La Civil’ features the performance of one of the most recognized actresses in Mexican cinema such as Arcelia Ramírez. While ‘Noche de fuego’ got a loud ovation from the audience.

‘Noche de fuego’ marks Tatiana Huezo’s debut in fiction cinema. In 2016 he had already won the Ariel, an award equivalent to the Oscar at the Mexican Academy of Cinematography, for the documentary ‘La tempestad’, which was even nominated for an International Emmy.

The film is based on the novel ‘Prayers of the stolen’ by the Mexican-American author, Jennifer Clement, which is about three girls living in a town in the state of Guerrero who pose as children to avoid being victims of violence.

‘La Civil’, co-produced by Cristian Mungiu, Jean Pierre and Luc Dardenne and the Mexican Michel Franco, who had previously won in that same section of Cannes for ‘After Lucía’ and ‘Las hijas de abril’, tells the story of Cielo, played by Arcelia Ramírez, about a woman looking for her daughter kidnapped by a drug cartel in Mexico.