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Mexican driver Martha Figueroa, suffers a car accident; “A pity for her justice system”

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  • Martha Figueroa suffers an accident due to a drunk driver
  • The Mexican driver gets angry and expresses her anger on Twitter
  • Figueroa’s state of health is unknown

Martha Figueroa car accident. The Mexican driver, who appears on the morning show “Hoy”, which she hosts with Galilea Montijo and Andrea Legarreta, publicly denounced that she had suffered a car accident. This, she communicated through her Twitter account.

Currently, she is one of the most famous show hosts in Mexico, said accident occurred in Mexico City. The 56-year-old driver said via Twitter that a drunk person was to blame for the crash, and complained about the car insurance that covered her.

He expressed what happened to him on Twitter

Martha Figueroa car accident

Faced with this situation, and not seeing a response from her car insurance, the driver of ‘Hoy’ decided to write a message on Twitter where she spoke about what happened, in addition, she complained about the insurance that covers all kinds of accidents, stating that they were taking a long time to arrive.

“A patrol is urgent. RT. I was hit hard by a drunk without insurance or a license @GNPSeguros doesn’t solve @AlcaldíaMHmx I’ve been here for three hours. Viaduct between patriotism and Mining for the airport ”, wrote the famous trying to ask for help and get a response from the insurance. Filed Under: Martha Figueroa car accident

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