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Metallica Gifts ‘Stranger Things’ Star Joseph Quinn His Own Guitar During Backstage Jam Session

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Joseph Quinn and Metallica made the inevitable happen: They met and jammed!

strange things The star and legendary heavy metal band did so at Lollapalooza, Chicago, where the band was headlining. Backstage, Quinn and the group sat down for a conversation after introducing themselves, prompting James Hetfield to say, “You’re taller on TV!”

Quinn, who slays “Master of Puppets” as Eddie Munson in the epic Season 4 finale, asks the crew if they are fans of the show. Hetfield said he’s been watching since Season 1, and the hit Netflix show with his sons has proven to be a bonding experience.

The 29-year-old actor then asked if he wanted to go to the jam, and of course, he said yes! Quinn warned the group that he might be a little harsh, but seemed like a total pro after Lars Ulrich kicked things off with a countdown. Kirk Hammett then tells Quinn, “You’ve been hired!”

“I want to make an announcement,” Ulrich said after the jam sesh. “Metallica is a five-piece now, folks!”

James Hetfield and Joseph Quinn Metallica
Joseph Quinn and Metallica
Joseph Quinn and Metallica
Joseph Quinn, Metallica and Hellfire Club

Perhaps the strangest moment came when Robert Trujillo pulled out a custom BC Rich guitar like the one that Quinn played on the show and handed it over. It was such a special moment, Quinn couldn’t help but get down on his knees and lean in front of the guitar.

The band then proceeded to “f**k it up” by signing on guitar. But the gifts did not end there. The band told him that he was welcome to their show at any time, and all he had to do was flash the all-access pass given to him.

“It was amazing! Opportunities to play ‘Master of Puppets’ with the most iconic metal band of all time don’t come very often,” Quinn explained. Netflix’s Tudum, “A story for the grandson.”

The Hangout comes just weeks after Metallica paid tribute to the jaw-dropping scene in which Quinn’s character performed the 1986 hit track in the Upside Down in an attempt to distract a bunch of Demobats. In that TikTok video, the band plays “Master of Puppets” with scenes from Munson’s performance.

“Eddie, this is for you!” The group captioned their video. Soon after, “Master of Puppets” started trending in the US and UK.

Earlier this month, Quinn spoke exclusively to ET Will Marfuggi Regarding the response to her performance, she said that the fans’ love was “heartwarming” and an “absolutely overwhelming feeling”.

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