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Mercedes Moran and Natalia Oreiro star in “Las Rojas”, a western where women rule

There are not so many antecedents of Western countries in the history of Argentine cinema. Fewer still starring women. A priori, that double stake needs to be supported. And what could be better than bringing two of the country’s most popular actresses together for the first time.

mercedes moran You Natalia Oreiro accepted an offer from Cordovan director Matias Luchesi to star in redHis third feature film, one of the first major national productions to hit theaters since the Covid-19 restrictions were lifted.

The two play paleontologists who come into conflict when they bump into each other at a camp in the mountains. Carlota (Moran) is an eminent researcher tracking the fossil remains of A hippopotamus, a half bird, a half lion mythological creature No one is sure about its existence.

Constanza (Oreiro), the foundation funding the project, sends him to oversee Carlotta’s work, as he begins to doubt the veracity of the discovery. and transparency in the management of funds.

Natalia Oreiro and Mercedes Moran "Las Rojas" features two paleontologists facing each other at the beginning of the plot.

Natalia Oreiro and Mercedes Moran “Las Rojas” features two paleontologists facing each other at the beginning of the plot.

Conflict appears from the moment they meet face to face for the first time. But Freddy (Diego Velazquez), an ally and rival of Carlota who wants to seize the academic pursuit, forcing them to join forces.

– This is the first time you are working together, how was the experience?

-oreo: highly anticipated. We knew each other from life, we shared mutual friends and we always wanted to do something together. When the offer came to me, before reading the script and knowing who was directing it, I said: ‘If there’s a Mercedes, I want to be there.’

-moran: For me it was the same. I really wanted to share anything with Natalia. Above all because of the characteristics of this film, because shooting on location is a very intense kind of coexistence and company. And we met our expectations about working together: having fun, creating a scene, sharing some benchmarks, helping each other.

a premiere that was long to come

Based on the original script by Mariano Llinas and Luchesi, red proposes a current story about Two women defying laws and imposing an increasingly materialistic world away from dreams and ideals.

“We loved the prospect of doing a street movies Oreo says. I haven’t read many scripts with stories of two women. In general they are more of a couple. I found the prospect of creating the story of two women meeting and changing very interesting.


“It’s a Western, yes, but one that includes great material,” Moran and Oreo say.

Luchesi’s new movie It was shot in late 2019 in natural settings in Uspalata and Potrillos, Mendoza. The epidemic and the accumulation of premieres postponed the date of the exhibition by more than two years. Finally, It can be seen in theaters on this Thursday 14th.

“I celebrate one decision that was made by the making of this film and that is to wait for the theatrical release. Because this is a film that can go on stage and reach many more people, who will ultimately be a part of all the arts. Purpose is. But there are movies that it’s nice to watch on the big screen.Oreo says.

This is a special story that revolves around two paleontologists and a mythological creature. How was that first script?

-moran: It was changing. The first time I read it, it was more of a western than a fantasy movie., and then leaned a little towards that style. I thought contact with nature could be fun. It was completely outdoor shooting, day and night in the mountains. very wild. And I like those things. They fill me with energy. The characters and the arc between the two facing each other in the beginning… I found very interesting.

– How did you prepare for the role?

-oreo: I have a friend at CONICET who helped us out and took us to talk to paleontologists. Beyond the fact that I love the mineral world and stones in general, this is a world that would be very different to me if it weren’t for my son Atahualpa, who is a fan of dinosaurs. But here’s the fun of the actors: examine different lives And try to get to the truth of something that is very foreign to us.

-moran: Yes, we have learned that in paleontology, the majority of professionals working in the field are men. Women have more administrative work, classification, laboratory. And there’s a slight difference between the two women in the film. On the other end, For me it was reconnecting with the movies of my childhood: Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost ArkWatch the kind of cinema that I made my daughters, my grandchildren.

The film was shot in late 2019 in Uspalata and Potrillos, among other locations in Mendoza.

The film was shot in late 2019 in Uspalata and Potrillos, among other locations in Mendoza.

A kind of cinema where the woman used to be the companion of the protagonist. Here, both have stellar roles. Do you see this as a sign of the times?

-oreo: It depends where you see it. Thelma and Louise He is already 30 years old. Whether it’s a sign of time or not, you should ask the production, directing or screenwriter. Generally speaking, and in Argentina, I’m glad it happened. It’s not like I want every movie to talk about two women. But I’m glad there’s basically more variety.

-moran: It sure is a style that has clearly been for men. I mean, cowboys have historically been played by actors.

new landscape

From not working together, Moran and Oreiro did it on two projects in a short span of time. to this co-star in red adds a part to Iosi, the repentant spyDaniel Burman series Which will premiere on Amazon Prime Video at the end of the month.

Orio clarifies that by not sharing the scenes, he didn’t cross paths in the first season of this Argentine spy thriller. “Now we have a second season. I hope we meet in it”, he predicted.

In addition to "Las Rojas," Natalia and Mercedes will share Daniel Berman

In addition to “Las Rojas,” Natalia and Mercedes will share Daniel Berman’s series “Eosie, the Repentant Spy,” which will be seen on Amazon.

-Both already working on big streaming projects: saint avoid, Empire, Maradona: Blessed Dream, How are you experiencing this paradigm shift?

-oreo: I am a romantic of cinema and I would like cinema to exist. We are in series phase. And in a pandemic, platforms gave work to many people who could not do cinema as theaters were closed. Ideally, two things can coexist. I don’t want movie theaters to be parking lots or supermarkets.

Same with cinemas. But I feel like the platform gave us a huge projection of technicians, directors and actors. A lot is being filmed on this side of the continent and I think it’s great that our culture can be exported. Take both: what’s yours and what’s foreign.

—and there’s a bit in between the live and face-to-face question of cinema theaters and the more personal virtuality of streaming?

-moran: This is contradictory. because me too I think platforms have somehow made work social. It has been very nourishing for us to work with actors from other countries, showcasing our talent and do international launches.

but Unlike theatre, the stage generates a competition that cinema does not do so well. It’s a bit loyal. But hey, it’s also true that screens are handy and make a lot of impact. Earlier you aspired to be famous abroad only through cinema. Now the series gives you that opportunity too.

-And where does Air TV come in? Both have rocked a lot.

-moran: I think streaming competes more with television. I don’t think cinema has to redefine itself. Yes television. Obviously, the offerings of the platforms force it to improve.

– Does streaming compete or is it harmful to older televisions?

-oreo: At first I thought it was harmful. Because the imagination has stopped and it seems that the air is only “what is alive”, what is journalism. But we have a history of exporting television that was lost at some point.


-oreo: Because the quality was lost and other markets took over, such as Brazil or Turkey. And we all believed that there was only one way to knock the numbers off: to do everything quickly, just like that. They liked it here too… but the sales were a bit off. With the state of the economy in general today, it is very difficult to imagine only for the domestic market.

Streaming set the bar pretty high for us, as HBO or Fox did before. So you cannot do today what is going to come next week. I love Air TV. And I refuse to believe that good imagination will never return to the air. I defend it. And well, makers have to reinvent ourselves, because we all rediscover ourselves when we want to grow and do better things.

-Then you see a chance to survive, if it is improved.

-oreo: I am not only watching it but am going to be a part of it. I can’t believe what I’m going to do if I feel like she’s already lost. Otherwise I’ll do something else. Given the possibility to choose, one chooses with conviction and also by desire.

get out of the comfort zone

Moran says: “What excites me the most is What I have found for which I had to pay a lot to get is the variety of characters. Whatever project I have ahead of me is actually a very different woman, and that makes me happy because acting is a game for me.

– And before you feel a little dove?

-moran: not at all. But it was difficult for me to change. This is logical. Every time you come across something that works, the next thing they offer you usually looks a lot like this. Not everyone wants to take risks. So it was always like swapping idols. Now the wheel spins automatically. I think it’s not just me enjoying diversity, but producers and directors are excited to offer me more diverse things. And that’s good.

-oreo: I think not all actors can play any character. In fact, I can’t: I am clear about my limits. But it occurs to me with Mercedes that it can.

-moran: Maybe it has to do with the fact that I am not very strong outside the role. And that neutral object serves as a means. You have a very defined personality. And it’s hard to get out of it, not only for you but for those who can imagine you. I, if I can direct Natalia, I’ll offer her something that totally freaks her out.

-oreo: What you say about personality is good.

Moran: Yes, absolutely. One of the most loved and admired actresses for me was China Zorilla. He had an impression, a personality that made all his characters, in one way or another, something like that. It doesn’t make you better or worse. I do not have. So it helps me when it comes to changing characters.


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