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Melissa Joan Hart Has a Breakdown in Dramatic New Lifetime Movie: Here’s a First Look (Exclusive)

Melissa Joan Hart is at her breaking point in a dramatic new Lifetime movie.

Inspired by real life events, dirty little secret — part of the network’s “Ripped From the Headlines” slate — follows 17-year-old Lucy (Lizzie Boyes), who has been isolated from her peers for years, hiding her family from anyone near her home. refusing to. Mystery: A massive mountain of objects stuffed into every crevice of the place in his house. She plans to quietly run away from college while managing her mother Joanna’s (Hart) hoarding disorder. Outwardly, an overworked nurse, Joanna maintains the silliness in her home with an obsessive hold, but after a tragedy, Lucy must decide whether she will hide her mother’s secret, or leave it to the world. Will reveal it.

ET exclusively premieres a first look at the upcoming film, in which Lucy carefully revolves around her mother, who innocently begins her conversation amidst a plethora of things. Look, Joanna has a dream that she will one day live in an ancient house without the clutter and mess that she is surrounded by on a daily basis, as she shares a happy future with her daughter.

“I always told you, darling, it’s messy right now but it’s just temporary,” Joanna assures Lucy, who isn’t buying anything she’s saying. When Joanna continues to talk about finding the chair they’ve been looking for that will perfect their future home, things take a turn for the worse when she asks Lucy to give her a pair of scissors. .

When Lucy shares that she isn’t sure where they are, Joanna – who claims her daughter was the last with them – loses her temper when her memory fails to match reality.

With that revelation, what had been a pleasant conversation between mother and daughter quickly turns sour as Joanna has a major breakdown.

“Lucy, you always borrow my stuff and you never put it back where it belongs!” she shouts. “And then you put the blame on me! I work 12 hours a day and then I come home to take care of you and nothing That’s where I left it!”

Looks like the situation is going to get worse.

dirty little secret Premieres Saturday, June 11 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Lifetime.

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