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Melissa Gorga says Teresa Giudice had to send new wedding invitations after Ramona Singer leaked (exclusive)

After Ramona Singer’s wedding invitation to Teresa Giudice was inadvertently leaked, it was revealed that the bride-to-be had to switch things up to keep the event private.

Melissa Gorga and her husband, Joe Gorga — who is Teresa’s brother — spoke with ET at the Tribeca Festival’s opening night screening of the Jennifer Lopez documentary. half the timeAnd he opened up about Ramona’s high-profile Instagram snafu.

“That was crazy,” said Melissa, laughing. “He had to send a new invitation with a new password and new details!”

last week, Real Housewives of New York The star accidentally leaked the date, time and location of Teresa’s wedding to fiancé Luis “Louis” Ruellas, while showing the invitations to her followers on Instagram.

“At first I was like, ‘Is this a joke?’ But Ramona did it by mistake,” Gorga recalled.

“You just can’t make it!” who added. “Everyone says, ‘Is housewives Real?’ Yes!”

When it comes to Teresa’s relationship with Louie, both Joe and Melissa have said that they think he is really happy and content.

“I think so, yeah. She’s in a love bubble, that’s what she calls it,” said Melissa, laughing.

Recently, mate real housewives of new jersey Star Dolores Catania echoed Melissa’s comment during an appearance Jeff Lewis Live on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy on Tuesday.

“He had to send new invitations,” shared Dolores. “I don’t know what he changed on them. I haven’t seen mine yet… I don’t know what’s being changed.”

ET spoke with Teresa and Louis at the MTV Movie & TV Awards and recalled how they reacted when they saw Ramona’s post.

Teresa shared, “I called her and I’m like ‘Could you please remove this from your story now. And that ‘Oh my god, what did I do?’ And she was like ‘This was the most beautiful invitation ever and I got so many invitations.'”

The pair also agreed that it was an “honest mistake”.

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