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Melanie C Teases Possible Spice Girls Reunion On “Dancing With The Stars” (Exclusive)

Melanie C Teases Possible Spice Girls Reunion On

The Dancing with the celebrities The ballroom is getting somewhat spicy this season! Melanie C, aka Sporty Spice of the Spice Ladies, is likely one of the contenders competing in Season 30.

“I feel very unprepared, actually it’s crazy,” Melanie C advised ET’s Lauren Zima. “I had my first rehearsal yesterday and it was loopy, as a result of I danced, you realize, with the Spice Ladies – we do our little dance routines. I danced as a child. J ‘ve accomplished ballet, and it is like, are you able to simply neglect the whole lot you have realized? It is so, so completely different. And all types have so completely different methods, so I really like challenges.

Noting that this 12 months marks the twenty fifth anniversary of the Spice Ladies’ debut album, Boost, and their hit music, “Wannabe”, Melanie C is aware of she’s going to need to carry the ability of ladies.

“I really want to embrace that on the show so that would be lovely and I’m keeping my fingers crossed that we have some spicy action,” she shares.

May this “spicy action” imply we’ll be seeing among the Spice Ladies within the ballroom?

“It would be rude not to do that, wouldn’t it?” she is joking.

The group starred on the present in 2007 when Mel B, member of Melanie C’s Spice Ladies group, appeared in Season 5, coming in second on the time.

The Spice Girls - Melanie B, Melanie C, Geri Halliwell, Victoria Adams And Emma Bunton, The Spice Girls - Melanie B, Melanie C, Geri Halliwell, Victoria Adams And Emma Bunton
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Calling the expertise “wonderful,” the pop star stated her bandmate gave her sensible recommendation.

“She said, enjoy it, lap up,” she shares.

Will the band reunite to carry out on the present once more?

” I really hope so. I think it could really … should we manifest that it’s going to happen? she is joking.

Melanie C says she told “all the women” about her decision to compete and received nothing but love and support from them.

“They’re all tremendous excited for me, and so they’re like, ‘You must win!'” She said. “It is somewhat little bit of stress, so I used to be like, ‘I am going to do my greatest.'”

She says the Sporty Spice title typically offers followers and pals an unrealistic view of her talents.

“Because I’m the sportswoman, they always think, ‘Yeah, she’s going to get the gold, but you know there’s more sports people on this show than me, like super sports people who really won the gold.’ , she says of the cast, which includes Olympian Suni Lee. “But I’ll do my best.”

She also has, of course, plenty of hits to choose from on the dance floor.

“We have some great ballads,” she says of the Spice Ladies catalog. “You could do something really lyrical and beautiful like ‘2 Become 1,’ ‘Forever’, but then we have the fun stuff – ‘Spice Up Your Life’, ‘Wannabe’, so there’s a lot of choice.”

As for the group’s future plans after their sold-out UK tour in 2019, Melanie C says they’re able to hit the street once more.

“We’re talking right now. We want to go out. We want to do shows again,” she stated. “We did a UK tour in 2019, and then of course the world went crazy, so when it’s all safe again we want to go back, so America is at the top of our list.”

Dancing with the celebrities Season 30 premieres September 20 at 8 p.m. on ABC.