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Megan Fox Lives Her “Her Version of Hell” in Costa Rica

Megan Fox Lives Her

Frankly, during a television interview, Megan Fox He said he recently decided to try ayahuasca, an indigenous hallucinogenic drink made from plants that grow in the Amazon.

The actress traveled to Central America With her boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly, for Participate in This Ancient Ritual With a Sorcerer And a group of people who joined the experience.

Megan Fox in Costa Rica

we went to costa rica To take ayahuasca in a suitable environment with indigenous people”, he said in the last broadcast of last Jimmy Kimmel Live.

“I thought it would be like a glow, a kind of five-star experience, but you get there and you really are. in the middle of the forest”, she elaborated.

hard experience

“You can’t eat one after the other in the afternoon. have to walk a long distance to get water And you can’t take a shower because they’re in a drought,” she continued.

“There was nothing glamorous in it, and Everything was looking to make you weak so that you could surrender to the experience

Megan Fox said how the ritual was prepared, In which “other 20 strangers” also participated.

All the people were instructed to stand in line and vomit. “It prepares you to enter the ceremony that night, Because standing there you feel that your vanity is over.”

open to the truth?

“You think: ‘I just did this in front of all these strangers, Now I’m really ready to open'”, He expressed about the moment what he considered “a good relationship experience”.

everyone’s journey is different… the other night I felt like I’ve been to hell for eternity”, he recalled of one of the four evenings in which he consumed ayahuasca. “The simple fact of knowing that eternity is torture in itself, because there is no beginning, middle or end, makes your ego die,” he reflected.

change process

This intense process changed that.

Throughout the story, Fox claimed that drink helped him open In a way “talk therapy or hypnotherapy” couldn’t.

psychological prison

“You go straight into your soul and everything takes you to the psychological prison you live in”, she elaborated.

It’s your own version of hell, and I was definitely there

What is ayahuasca?

Ayahuasca or Yage is an ancient brew It is no longer for the exclusive use of Amazon’s Native Communities Western.

it arises from Combination of two plants: Ayahuasca vine (Banisteriopsis capi) and a shrub called chakruna (Psychotria viridis), containing the hallucinogen dimethyltryptamine (DMT).

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