Meet the rusty cat, the world’s smallest wild cat

In recent years, love for animals has intensified, largely due to the multiple campaigns that exist to raise awareness about the animal kingdom and all the benefits that exist when preserving the different species on planet Earth.

We know that in the world there are millions of cat loversSome like rare species and others prefer to adopt a minimum regardless of their origin.

Meet the rusty cat, the world’s smallest wild cat

But if you are a lover of any feline, you should meet the grusty ato, scientifically known as Prionailurus Rubiginosus, and it is the smallest wild cat in the world, be careful, it should not be considered as a pet.

This feline lives mainly on the Asian continent, in India and Sri Lanka, where there are ideal conditions for it to exist.

How tall is a wild rusty cat?

The size of this feline is surprising, the species is about half the size of a common domestic cat, that is, adult males weigh approximately 1.7 kilograms and females just 1.4.

According to National Geographic, the rusty cat measures between 35 and up to 48 centimeters, In addition, they can live up to 18 years in favorable conditions and climate.

Do not forget that it is a wild feline, so it is dangerous to approach them. They feed mainly on meat, although if the situation is extreme they can be scavengers.

They are an excellent pest control in crops

In addition, the rusty cat It is used to control pests in agricultural areas, as its small size helps it to be a better hunter.

The rusty cats They are solitary animals that live mainly in forests, they can hunt rodents, birds and mammals smaller than themselves.

There is no specific time to reproduce, the rusty cat takes about 70 days to give offspring and they can be up to three in a single litter.

Do you like the way the rusty cat?

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