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Monday, September 26, 2022

Meet the new eliminated from THE HOUSE OF FAMOUS!

  • One more expelled says goodbye to the most famous House
  • What will happen now in the orange room?
  • Do the famous want to return

One more week has begun in THE HOUSE OF FAMOUS, things are getting more and more tense. Since the departure of Juan Vidal, some secrets of the contestants have been revealed and more alliances may have been formed within the reality show, although that does not exempt them from the drama.

Today, Monday, a new eliminated was announced and, like every week, disagreements are present among the followers of the Telemundo program, although some have celebrated that this person has left the show. Less and less is missing for the grand finale.

There is no longer a blue or purple room!

There is no longer a blue or purple room!

Last week the boss of the contestant let it be known that the purple and blue rooms would cease to exist and everyone would join in the orange room. Laura Bozzo did not take this in the best way since she went directly to the confessional to cry with the boss about her disagreement.

“They do everything for money, these people don’t even have a place to drop dead. They are capable of killing me.” They were the words of the Peruvian lawyer since she did not want to live “with certain” people who, in her opinion, were very bad and are capable of doing everything for money. FILED FROM: New Removed Famous House

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