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Meet ‘The Elvis Presley Channel’, the channel dedicated to the King of Rock

Meet 'The Elvis Presley Channel', the channel dedicated to the King of Rock

Elvis presley He was an icon of the 50s and 60s, although it has been put to discussion if he is the King of Rock, what is certain is that he was able to move masses and be one of the first to have an image contrary to what politically correct.

That’s how it is, Elvis presley began to do dances with sexual connotations in front of the TV at a time when it was not allowed, it was the distant 50’s where everything had to be as good customs dictated.

Meet ‘The Elvis Presley Channel’, the channel dedicated to the King of Rock

That and much more was Elvis presleyThat is why they will bet on creating a special channel to honor their figure on and off the stage.

The creation of this channel will be possible thanks to the agreement reached by the company Cinedigm and the heirs of the star that are grouped in the company Elvis Presley Enterprises, made known through a statement.

The new service will exclusively broadcast film and television programming from Elvis presley along with other musical documentaries and films by other artists.

When will they release ‘The Elvis Presley Channel’?

The Elvis Presley Channel, name that the channel will have, they would launch it in early 2022, and it could be available in United States and Canada for platforms and on networked televisions, as well as other digital devices, depending on Cinedigm.

“There are few people more iconic than Elvis Presley, he transcends time, gender and medium,” said Erick Opeka, president of Cinedigm Digital Networks.

“The opportunity to build a branded channel around Elvis opens up broadcast possibilities to a whole new demographic in the fastest growing segment of the advertising business,” he added.

The channel will present a continuous programming of Elvis featuring exclusive specials and documentaries including Singer Presents… Elvis (the star’s comeback special), Hawaii Via Satellite’s Elvis Aloha, and Elvis by the Presley, among other specials.