Media trial in Sushant’s death case: Bombay High Court said on media coverage, media is out of control, central government thinks about it

The next hearing on the petition related to media trial in Sushant Singh Rajput case will be on October 19.
  • Riya Chakraborty, Rakulpreet Singh have also filed a petition for media trial against him.
  • Bollywood is now uniting and filing a defamation suit against the channels

The Bombay High Court on Friday expressed concern over the loss of control of electronic media. The court said that the central government should take steps to control the problem of media trials. A bench of Chief Justice Dipankar Dutta and Justice GS Kulkarni expressed concern over why there is no constitutional body to regulate electronic media like print media.

In charge of press council
The bench made these remarks during the hearing of a PIL. In which there was a demand to control the media trial on the death of Sushant Singh Rajput. Anil Singh, Assistant Solicitor General of India for Chief Justice Dutta asked: There is a press council for print media. There is a censor board for the cinema. Why don’t you think of such a body for electronic media.

The self-regulation mechanism fails completely
However, the Assistant Solicitor General emphasized the need for self-regulation rather than external control in the court. To this, the bench said that the self-regulation mechanism in the media has completely failed. “We are concerned about the existing mechanism,” Justice Kulkarni said. What should be the treatment once self control fails. This is a matter of concern. We are in the position where it is completely over.

Chief Justice said – the whole system will collapse
The Chief Justice warned that if proper action was not taken at the right time, the entire system would collapse. The values ​​of the constitution maker have no meaning. There is no such thing as brotherhood. Media has the fundamental right to freedom. But they cannot take away someone else’s rights. It cannot be uncontrollable.

Hope the media understands the responsibility
The bench further said that there are certain limitations of journalism which should not be crossed. The image is formed after years of hard work and can be completed with a single report. The bench then said that until a law is made, we hope that the media will behave responsibly. But when time changes we will need to think seriously about it.

The next hearing in the case is scheduled for 19 October. While senior advocate Arvind P Datar will file an affidavit from NBCA.