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Maya Rudolph Says She Was ‘So Sad’ After Leaving ‘SNL’ But ‘A Lot Of Worlds Out There’ (Exclusive)

It’s been 15 years since Maya Rudolph left saturday night liveWas cast and moved on to other projects and discovered other passions.

Now, the actress looks back on her exit and is sharing some insights for the four longtime cast members who ended their stint earlier this year.

Rudolph talks with ET’s Lauren Zima at the premiere of his new Apple TV+ series on Wednesday bootywas held at the DGA Theater Complex in Los Angeles, and she looked back when she left the long-running sketch comedy series in 2007.

“I was very sad when I left,” reflected Rudolph. “I think it’s okay to like that moment, but I also think it’s nice to see the rest of the world.”

In May, Season 47 of SNL came to a close, and farewell to longtime cast members Eddie Bryant, Pete Davidson, Kate McKinnon and Kyle Mooney.

“You forget, when you’re in SNL World, [that] There’s a lot out there,” Rudolph shared. “And they should go for the fun.”

Rudolph has certainly discovered the outside world SNL days after her exit, and now leads a new series, bootyIn which she plays Molly Novak, a billionaire who is on a downward spiral, trying to reinvent her image and embarking on a path of self-realization.

One thing about making a show about a billionaire is making sure that the show presents the lifestyle in a realistic way, within budgetary constraints.

Rudolph shared, “We’ve done a really good job of, you know, working within budget. Because, to be honest, we don’t have billions.” “But that was the exciting aspect of making this show.”

“It felt like the sky was the limit and it was really magical ‘Where do we go next?’ elements,” he added. “But they did an amazing job showing that we spent billions.”

booty Premieres Friday, June 24 on AppleTV+.

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