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Mauricio Ochmann talks about Eugenio Derbez’s state of health: “Everything is very positive”

Eugenio Derbez has been the topic of conversation for a couple of days, unfortunately this time it is not for something positive. his wife, Alessandra Rosaldo announced that the actor had to undergo surgery after suffering an accident.

Since this situation was reported on social networks, personalities from the artistic world have sent messages of support to Eugenio, On this occasion it was Mauricio Ochamann, the actor’s former son-in-law who spoke about his state of health.

It was on his arrival at the International Airport of Mexico City where the actor ran into various media outlets where He already acknowledged having spoken with his former father-in-law and assures that he is still in good health during his recovery.

“We have messaged each other and everything, and now yes, giving him a lot of strength, a lot of love and that he recovers soon, we all want that to happen,” Ochmann told the Ventaneando program.

He was also questioned about the way in which the Derbez family decided to keep this event out of the media and very reserved on social networks.

“I think it’s a time of, just like Alessandra said, of letting the process flow, so well, I think that’s how these things are”, he mentioned.

Finished: “Everything is very positive, as I tell you, we have only had a very slight contact and always sending him a lot of strength and a lot of love.”


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