Mauricio Mancera comforts Lynette Puente: They confirm they are lovers

driver last year Lynette Puente told in the program “Ventanendo” that he was separating from his partner, Producer Carlos Luis Gallen, and the father of his son.

presenter through tears Rumors of problems within the relationship were confirmed.

Lynette Puente with another point of view

After the break, the journalist confirmed Overcome the End of Your Relationship Thanks to Psychological Therapy And to look at life from a positive perspective.

made public a few weeks after the relationship ended, Producer reveals his new courtship with co-worker Liz Basaldas.

which confirmed the rumors indicating that The reason for the break was due to the fact that Carlos, who was fired after rumors of his work on “El Heraldo Television”, became known, He was already unfaithful to the driver.

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Lynette has a new love

The magazine TV Notes presented an interview with a close friend of Lynette, who assured that Pati Chapoy’s disciple has already given herself a chance to love

And this is no less than his companion, that too Television host Mauricio Mancera.

“Cure Your Heart”

When asked about Lynette Puente’s mood, Insider Magazine Said he was doing fine.

“Well obviously okay, to heal her heart and give her a chance to romanceWell, after the feud with Carlos, apparently because of his infidelity and fights they were already bringing up as a couple; He took refuge in the arms of Mauricio Manseira. They have been great friends, but apparently they find Mauricio’s support, affection and now love.

they are already a couple

The source revealed that the driver They are already dating, yet they want to keep a low profile.

“Yes, but they take great care of themselves; especially him so that they do not relate to him in scandals

Furthermore, he pointed out that Mancer It was “Linet’s cloth of tears”, So a closeness arose and love was born.

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