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Mauricio Castillo confesses that ‘Otro Rollo’ created a bad habit for him: “We arrived at a place and they didn’t charge us”

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Another rolla nightly program that was broadcast from 1995 to 2007, made its members very famous, mainly Adal Ramones, the main host, and his collaborators Yordi Rosado and Mauricio Castillo.

But the impact of this program did not generate only positive things for the presenters: in the most recent broadcast of the program members on airfrom Unicable, Castillo revealed a bad habit that developed from this public recognition.

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“When Adal, Yordi and I became very famous, we arrived at a place and they did not charge us, and they let us enter”, recalled the driver. And he explained that this situation was named code 22.

That makes you a bad habit”, admitted Castillo, “because you thought that wherever you arrived they were not going to charge you and they were going to let you pass”.

luckily for him this bad habit “it’s over, it doesn’t work because it doesn’t last, it lasts for a certain time and you have to learn that you arrive at a place and nothing happens, you get in line, line up like everyone else, as it should be”.

Later, Yordi, also present in the broadcast, said that something that people usually assume about him is not real: “That I’m always talking a lot.”

“For example, I did radio in the morning, I recorded some things and we recorded the program. I arrive at night to a meeting with 4 or 5 people and I’m quiet listening to everyone, and they say ‘Speak’, but I’ve been exhausted all day, ”he explained.

Then, Facundo, another guest on the program, joked: “Next to Adal Ramones you could never speak, you got used to it. You were with him and it was his eternal monologue.”

“Now do you understand me? It’s not a bad fart, it’s that Adal traumatized me, ”added Yordi with a laugh.


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