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Mauricio Castillo and Pedro Sola, voice actors

Mauricio Castillo and Pedro Sola, voice actors

MEXICO CITY (El Universal) .- Voicing the characters from the movie “Hotel Transylvania” is a way for Mauricio Castillo and Pedro Sola to pass on to posterity, because they know that thanks to this work many generations will join them .

“I’ve always wanted to do dubbing, it was something that I was missing out on, it’s fun and entertaining, but also something that’s unbelievable and that a lot of us don’t think about, is that The voice will last a lifetime, when in the future the new generation will ask who voiced Frank, I hope someone will tell you that I have an honour,” said Mauricio Castillo, who wrote the first installment of “Hotel Transylvania”. Has voiced Frankenstein since.

At 74 years old, Pedro Sola is living his moment of popularity in a field that does not belong to him and it is the dubbing job it takes to achieve this feat.

“When I started in ‘Ventanendo’, the people who liked my work were women and strange men, but not young people, with the Internet where everything is recorded, like when I made a mistake with mayonnaise, or I ate a fly, or I took a seat, children and youth love my work”.

Pedro Sola explained that his only approach to dubbing was through Vanessa Acosta, who voiced “Sabrina, the Teenage Witch”, with whom he once accompanied in a dubbing session and was astonished by the art, as he used it. define.

“It’s incredible how they adjust the sentences through the computer so that they are synchronized with the lips,” Sola said.

In this fourth and final installment of “Hotel Transylvania,” which will be released in September, Sola returns to give life to Dr. Van Helsing, this time a robot who builds a machine that turns monsters into humans. is.

For his part, Castillo lends his voice to Frank, a role he knows very well.