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Mau Nieto sues a young man who accused him of sexual abuse: “He shook my life”

After last August 15 the producer and standup artist Melissa Yamel denounced the comedian on Twitter ma grandson for sexual abuse, this Tuesday he revealed that He has already sued the young woman “who accused me of false facts.”

Through a video on his Instagram account, the humorist first commented that “the false accusation was a media earthquake that It completely shook my life not only emotionally and socially, but there were already effects and repercussions in a work way.

Woman accuses Mau Nieto of drugging her; she “she started laughing”

“I have been thinking about many things during these 2 weeks and I wrote some. He numbered one: I am aware that there is a public image that I myself created of partying and alcohol, but that does not mean that I am a bad person, much less that everything that is said about me on social networks has to be credible; one thing is my lifestyle and another very different thing is that I am accused of being an abuser that I am not“, said.

“These days have also made me see how someone’s life can be ruined without questioning the facts for a second; What we cannot allow is that cancellations or judgments are made on social networks without any type of proof or support.”, he added.

Then, he pointed out that “I have always supported and will continue to support the denunciation of a crime, and I I fully trust my innocence and in which the truth always comes to light”.

“If we really want gender equity to exist and protect women from abuse, we have to start strengthening the institutions in charge of it, because we can’t just create fires and defame on social networks, because defaming an innocent person and taking for fact that for the simple reason of being a man we have to believe everything that is said about him, does not seem like an act of justice“, he highlighted.

Near the end of the video, Mau Nieto said that “Yesterday I exercised my right to defend myself and filed a lawsuit against the person who accused me of false facts on his social networks. (…) Let’s hope that justice is done with this issue and from this moment on I will no longer talk about this case on my social networks”.

Accusation of sexual abuse against Mau Nieto

On August 15, Melissa Yamel, known on Twitter as @MelissaPurrs, reported that the alleged abuse happened in 2018, when Mau Nieto was giving Stand Up shows in a bar called Woko.

Yammel pointed out that at the end of one of the comedian’s shows, he approached to meet him and after talking for a while, Mau invited him several drinks, for which Melissa questioned said action. “So I can f… with you,” he replied.

Subsequently, Melissa said that the television host also took her by the arm and took her to the local bathrooms, where he proceeded to abuse her without any consent.. Yamel said that while she was being abused, many people noticed and tried to open the door, however, no one stopped Nieto’s actions.


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